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09 October 2008 @ 10:28 pm
The front door opened and the sound of Jay's two housemates arriving filled the entrance hall. Jay found himself still stuck in the kitchen putting away the groceries he'd bought on his way home. Crumpling up the plastic bags he tossed them into the storage cupboard and walked out into the living room.

"Jay will thank us later."

"Thank you later for what?" he asked with a raised brow and slightly suspicious look. Normally when he heard Tyler say something about thanking him later it meant the guy was up to no good...which was most of the time. The same went for Will. Jay eyed the video camera and couldn't help but feel like the camera was somehow involved in all this.
Tyler Fogbuy_youanewlife on October 18th, 2008 11:09 pm (UTC)
( OOC: Hey there! I'll post as Tyler tomorrow, promise. Sorry about the wait! School's been killing me this semester, so I fail miserably when it comes to posting during the week. I'll try and do better now that we're all back! Hope y`all are doing well! <3

EDIT: Actually, it's Will's turn, isn't it? Oops! I forgot who went next. - clears throat - I mean, PSYCH! You really thought I was going next, didn't you? Ha! )
softheartedgwensoftheartedgwen on January 6th, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
hey it's Kim (different s/n)
Just wanted to see if we're still doing this. I'm totally up for it but I don't want to be doing it alone. I hope everyone still wants to continue. Even if it's one post a week!
Tyler Fogbuy_youanewlife on January 9th, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
Hey! I'm game if y`all are. School's started back for me now, so I'm not around as much, but I should still be able to post and stuff.
Will Travelerto_get_revenge on October 20th, 2008 02:45 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, I'll have to read back and remember what was going on. -is lost- I'm studying for an exam that's tomorrow. I'll get a post up soon. :)
softheartedgwensoftheartedgwen on February 27th, 2009 04:44 pm (UTC)
Hey this is Kim on a different account. Just wanted to see if you were interested in reviving this place when testing and such calms down in classes. I know it isn't looking good but I think the three of us are having so much fun with it that it's worth it.
Let me know!
Will Travelerto_get_revenge on March 2nd, 2009 08:19 am (UTC)
Yeah, things have calmed down for me just a bit. ^^ We need to have a chat to catch up and get back in the Traveler head space. xD You guys have my AIM right?
flashofyourlife on October 21st, 2008 01:40 am (UTC)
Everyone's alive! lol
I felt bad about not posting for Jay earlier so I posted. My turn is long overdue. :) (sorry Eros!)
As long as we keep it going I don't care how long it takes any of us to post. I miss Traveler so much. I bet the guys would find it funny if they stumbled across our RPG. (actually...that would be awesome wouldn't it?)

I might take a while as well. Work and school are CRAZY! I thought it would be a bit more relaxed than high school. I was soooo wrong!
Tyler Fog: . Tyler .buy_youanewlife on March 18th, 2009 12:02 am (UTC)
That's right. We're actually alive! Shocking, isn't it?

I believe it's back around to you, gorgeous. - wink - ( That was totally Tyler taking over just now. )

I miss Traveler too! Like I told Eros last night, I've been re-watching all the old episodes I've still got on tape. Good stuff. Why didn't the show last longer? - wipes away tear -

Funny and awesome indeed.

Ah, the joys of life: work and school. Why must they always gang up on fun? Well, whenever you're able, we'll be here. Seems like we're all finally back in the mix!
flashofyourlife on March 18th, 2009 04:16 pm (UTC)
okay. I'm working on a post for Jay and a post for Kim. They should be up by tonight if not in the next hour. ^.^
Will Traveler: Will yellow bgto_get_revenge on March 4th, 2009 08:15 pm (UTC)
"Thank you later for what?"

Will glanced up at Jay and gave a toothy grin. "Don't you worry about that," he said pushing up from the sofa with his camera in hand. "Let's just say this will be a memorable night." He looked down at his camera, pressing play back and there they were, the last two minutes. He smiled even more widely and shut the camera off, setting it down on the living room table.

"So, what did you buy, huh?" he said walking past Jay into the kitchen. He searched around in the cupboards, pulling out a bag. He dipped his hand inside and pulled out an apple. Not his most favorite fruit, but it would kill his appetite since he hadn't gotten to eat a decent meal today. Tyler had made sure of that back at the Pavilion.

He returned to the living room, biting into his apple and crossing his arms over his chest. "Kim should be here any minute so I'm gonna go get ready for tonight." He left it at that and walked upstairs, glancing down the stairs when he reached the top of the flight. As he was walked to his room his phone, which was in his back pocket buzzed. He reached back and grabbed it, flipping it open to look at the display. He could figure who it was before he saw the code names illuminated in blue. His directives had been clear--send some sort of report to Hometown at least every few months. He hadn't done that just yet because in all honesty he hadn't time. The message said nothing about his job, but was just a line of symbols, all of which meant something to him, but would look like a jumble of incoherent mess to anyone else. Noting his directives, he deleted the message anyway just to be safe and shut the phone.

He would have to go up to visit Maya soon, yet the more time away from her the easier it was for him to forget about his life in Deer Harbor. Maya was supposed to be his cover, his mediary yet his relationship with her was slowly becoming something else entirely. He couldn't push it so the longer he stayed in New Haven and away from anyone associated with Hometown the better...for now.

After a quick shower, and after finishing off his apple, Will changed into a pair of jeans, a blue shirt and a hoodie. It was comfortable which was what he was going for. He returned to his friends, pausing at the bottom of the steps "She here yet?" he said looking around the room, but then he heard a knock on the door and he grinned. Right on time.

He made his way to the door and pulled it open. The smile he gave her was sure to set off an alarm in her head. He looked sneaky, like he was up to something. And he was. "Come in," he said playing the gentleman. Let the fun begin.
Tyler Fog: . Seriously? .buy_youanewlife on March 16th, 2009 01:54 am (UTC)
"What's the matter, Jay? Don't you trust me?" That was totally the cliche line that got recited when someone was up to no good, but Jay already knew he was up to something. Seriously though, when wasn't he up to something? Even if he didn't always seek out trouble, it had a way of finding him, so he figured he might as well make the most of it. Deep down, Tyler believed Jay appreciated his fun side - he was just too much of a stick in the mud to admit it. Someone had to stir up some excitement around here. Fortunately Will was a pretty good sport about it too ... usually. He had these weird, secretive, disappearing for hours at a time phases every now and then, but other than that, he was a pretty cool guy. His obsession with his camera could be considered a little strange too, but hey, they'd captured some priceless stuff on that little piece of equipment, so actually it came in handy more times than not.

Tonight for instance! This was going to be great.

See, he'd done the whole nice guy routine earlier. With Jay around ... let's just say Kim was going to see a different side of him. When he was around certain people, he acted completely different. Sometimes it was hard to tell which persona reflected his 'true inner self' or whatever. But who said he had to be one or the other? Couldn't someone want to keep things interesting, but also have a serious side? 'Cause obviously there was a time to act out and a time to behave. Too bad for the happy couple that when you were hanging with friends, anything was fair game. If you couldn't goof off with your roommates, then who could you be yourself around? It was like an unspoken rule that they had to accept you no matter how obnoxious you were.

Come on, he had some decent qualities too. They were just fewer and farther between. That didn't mean they didn't exist ... way down deep.

He whacked Jay roughly on the back, a sly grin sliding into place. Then he briskly turned and headed upstairs to change, leaving Jay to worry about what he and Will were up to. Speaking of Will, once he was out of the bathroom, Tyler dipped into the shower and spent an extra fifteen minutes or so on his hair. Yeah, yeah. It was just Jay's girl, but that was no reason for him not to try and make himself look presentable. As for what he'd chosen to wear, he'd selected a maroon button-down long sleeve shirt and a nice pair of jeans. After rolling up his cuffs and brushing his hand over his perfectly styled hair once more, he casually came cruising down the staircase just as Will was inviting Kim in.

"You made it." She was brave. He had to give her that. She'd spent the afternoon with him and Will and still managed to build up the nerve to come here and put up with whatever they threw her way. Naturally Jay was included in that too, but really, without Kim it wouldn't be nearly as fun. They needed someone to embarrass him in front of and vice versa. He always got so touchy when he was around Kim because he really cared about her or something sappy like that. Jay hadn't come right out and said that, but Tyler could tell - and he was a good enough friend to take that into account, so if things got too out of hand, he might reign it back some ... although in all honesty, that wasn't likely to happen.

Surely she couldn't be as stiff as Jay. Especially if she was going to become a permanent fixture in this guy's life, she was going to have to pass the friend test.

Hey, she'd made him go shopping. Now it was her turn to suck it up.

"Thought maybe you'd come to your senses and changed your mind."
tofit_the_image on March 18th, 2009 05:29 pm (UTC)
Jay turned his attention to Will as he gave him a not so assuring response. "Don't you worry about that."

The day Jay didn’t worry about Will and Tyler being up to something was the day pigs flew. “Right,” he said, shaking his head. He watched as Will entered the kitchen to explore his food purchases. As Will explored cupboards Jay leaned against the counter, trying to think of what would make a good dinner for everyone. Pizza was sounding better and better by the moment but pasta wouldn’t be too hard either. Picking up and apple, Will returned to the living room and Jay followed. Before he could comment on his friend spoiling his appetite by eating an apple now, Will quickly excused himself to go upstairs and get ready for whatever was being plotted for the night.

His attention turned to the third housemate. "What's the matter, Jay? Don't you trust me?"

Tyler grinned at him before slapping him on the back and heading upstairs after Will. “Not in the least,” he called up the stairs before returning to the kitchen. He heard the shower start and eyed the empty counter top. He still had a while before they actually had dinner but he wanted to at least figure out what they would have. After battling with the freezer he finally decided on pizza before running upstairs to deposit his book bag from earlier.

He heard the shower start up again and was thankful he’d taken a shower when he’d gotten home. At this rate he’d never have made it if he’d waited until after Will and Tyler. Placing his bag down next to his desk, Jay eyed his room. It was mostly clean and the bed was made up from that morning. He picked up a few stray pieces of laundry before tossing them in the bin and heading back downstairs.

Now to tackle the real mess. How Jay had not already killed the guys for their sloppiness he didn’t know. Pulling out the vacuum Jay heard the shower cut out for a second time. He made a quick sweep of the TV room before putting it away. “Come on guys, hurry up,” he yelled at the bottom of the stairs. “Can you help clean for just five minutes?”

Oh god. He sounded like his mother! Shaking his head at the thought he returned to the TV room and picked up some trash and threw it away in the kitchen garbage. The room to tell the truth wasn’t all that bad compared to what it looked like after a game night. Then, there were normally popcorn and chip fragments everywhere from the guys’ excitement.

“She here yet,” he heard Will ask from the stairs. The answer came with a knock on the door and Will grinned. Jay wasn’t sure if he liked that grin at all. He heard the two exchange pleasantries before Tyler came down the stairs and greeted her as well. Come to her senses and changed her mind?

With that Jay came into the entrance hall, joining the trio. “Hey,” he said, greeting Kim and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.
flashofyourlife on March 18th, 2009 05:30 pm (UTC)
Kim was a bit surprised when the door opened so quickly after her knock. What were they doing; sitting on the stairs staring at the door to pounce on her?

The look on Will’s face certainly didn’t help her idea. Yep. He was definitely up to something. You would think he would at least have the decency to try and hide his enjoyment. Offering her in, she stepped into the entrance hall, moving out of the way so he could shut the door. “Thanks,” she said. Kim looked up at the sound of another voice and saw Tyler making his way down. It was clear that both men had taken a shower and changed since last seeing her.

She gave a small wave to the newest member of the party. "Thought maybe you'd come to your senses and changed your mind." She was about to retort when Jay swooped in from a nearby room. Kim felt herself brighten at the sight of him. Not even there two minutes and the Terrible Two had already descended on her. “Hey,” she said quickly, receiving the small kiss.
Will Travelerto_get_revenge on March 18th, 2009 10:59 pm (UTC)
Will stepped aside and let Kim into the house. He was sure his excitement was written all over his face and the way she looked at him, as if he were some alien from another planet, he knew she was worried about what he and Tyler had planned. His eyes roamed over Kim for a moment and then moved their way back to Jay as he planted a kiss on his girlfriend’s cheek. He sighed and looked away.

“Well, I’ll give you two a few minutes to reunite after a lengthy time apart. How long has it been Tyler…one hour?” He joked, looking at the imaginary watch on his wrist. He winked at Jay, cuffing his shoulder in a friendly manner before wandering into the living room, taking up his camera as he went.

“How about,” he said flipping the display open. “We sit and chat for a while before dinner. Couldn’t hurt right?” He asked. His eyes darted to Tyler and he grinned. He would try and make this conversation as uncomfortable and awkward as he could without stepping over any personal boundaries. If he did his job right it would seem more like an interrogation rather than casual chatter between friends. Whether Jay would actually benefit from knowing Kim’s favorite sexual position or her wildest fantasy was still yet to be seen, but he personally would enjoy watching her blush after each question. It wasn’t often that she let her guard down and tonight, nothing was off limits.

Slouching down onto a chair, he gestured for everyone to join him. He tried to keep the joyful grin on his face, but it slowly began to melt away. For once that goofy grin was gone from his face to be replaced by an air of seriousness. His directives were never that far from mind and in that moment, of what should have been pure fun, he started to think of ways to manipulate the conversation so he could get information for Hometown. He covered himself by appearing as if he were changing the settings on his camera.

Frowning as the room came into focus, he raised the camera so that all three of his friends were in the shot. “Let’s get this party started shall we!”
Tyler Fog: . On the sly .buy_youanewlife on March 19th, 2009 12:52 am (UTC)
Uh, newsflash Jay: the place was clean. Clean for them. So Tyler hadn't rushed downstairs to help tidy up. As far as he was concerned, the house was already spotless. Besides they were out of time. It would be rude to clean when they had a guest -- even if that guest was just Kim.

Oh, so they were to the waving stage. Nice. Well, since everything was progressing so nicely, he sent a quick wink her way. Luckily Jay hadn't caught that. He and Kim were too busy making goo goo eyes at each other. Wow, that was just ... so pathetic. Okay, and maybe a little sweet if you were into that sort of thing. Personally he wasn't. Sappy romances didn't really exist. It was a load of crap people sold you to sucker you into believing in something that wasn't real. If you were smart, you kept it simple and just had a good time. As for letting people in? Forget it. That way they couldn't use you for their own personal gain. Was he paranoid? Maybe. Maybe not. But from what he'd seen, there was no evidence to the contrary. Jay had to be especially careful, 'cause he was one of those ... what do you call 'em? Right. Nice guys. Ever heard the saying nice guys finish last? Mostly true.

Why do you think Tyler wasn't interested in being a 'nice guy?' He didn't want to be the campus jerk either, but he had far fewer rules to live by than Jay, that's for sure.

The best part about his current living arrangement was that Will didn't seem to mind how he acted. Jay was usually pretty mellow too except when you threw Kim in the mix. Then he got all self-conscious and concerned about appearances ( whether it be his, theirs, or the Castle's ). Why was that? If she couldn't appreciate Jay for who he was, then why bother? But Tyler figured since he and Will hadn't been able to scare her off yet, there had to be something substantial there. So when did they get past the jumping through hoops to please the other phase? ... He was really one to talk. He was standing here criticizing the couple for caring about the other's opinion, and he'd just blown eight hundred bucks sucking up to a friend's girl so they could keep a hold of their lame, watered down version of happily ever after.

Tyler had to give a quick eye roll after the kiss though. Had to.

"Wow, has it been that long?" The sarcasm easily rolled off his tongue as he casually glanced around at the other three. A shrug almost immediately followed the quip as he trailed after Will. Heck if he knew ( or ... cared really ).

Chat, huh? Sure. Sounded like a genius idea to him. 'Cause there was nothing more uncomfortable than talking. No lie. When someone suggested sitting down and exchanging a few words while chilling, it was bad news pretty much any which way you looked at it. Best case scenario, you could have one of those meaningful conversations, but even then you usually came away with some kind of knot in your stomach. Although when someone specifically asked to start a group discussion completely out of the blue like this? Might as well hold on tight or duck for cover, 'cause it was bound to be a bumpy ride.

'Couldn't hurt, right?' Well ...

"Whatever you say, man." After grabbing himself a beer, he flopped down on the couch, leaving enough room for anyone else who wanted to sit. See? He could be a gentleman. "You know I always enjoy a good party," he said with a smirk.

Oh look, Will's camera! Tyler lifted the bottle as if he was proposing a toast, before he took a big swig. So um, this was Will's idea, so he could start this round. Yeah, they'd both agreed to screw around with Jay and Kim tonight, but he had to get his creative juices flowing. He did better playing off of other people. Well, usually. Sometimes things just randomly popped into his head. Talk about your fun times.
tofit_the_image on March 19th, 2009 03:40 am (UTC)
The sarcastic exchange between his two house-mates caused Jay to roll his eyes. “Yeah alright guys. We get the picture,” he said before reaching out and entwining a hand with Kim’s. Though he hadn’t seen her since only yesterday, Jay was still a bit excited to see Kim. There was a small possibility that it could have been his relief of not being the only target for the night but that was only a small part of his reasoning.

A feeling of sudden dread he had been feeling since the food store began to lurch up inside him again as Will suggested they all sit in the living room to ‘chat’. Will’s most prized possession, the video camera, was pulled out and he knew this was going to be an interesting night. He had a feeling it would be more of an interrogation. As a future lawyer, he knew he would not enjoy being on the other side of the witness stand. “Alright guys we’ll be in, in a second,” he said, watching as Tyler made to follow the camera man.

Turning he smiled at Kim. “Hey,” he said again. He had a feeling they would have very little alone time for the rest of the night. “You sure you want to do this? I could always say I have to work on my paper,” he told her.

Jay might not have been showing it but he was a bit worried the guys might frighten her off.
flashofyourlife on March 19th, 2009 04:21 am (UTC)
It was very hard for Kim to resist the urge to roll her eyes as Tyler and Will began their jokes. They had barely made it past the greetings before poking fun at them. Great. She could see exactly how this evening was going to be. She smiled when Jay took her hand and dismissed the guys jabs.

As the Terrible Two skipped off to the living room she felt a bit of relief. Kim knew that Will and Tyler would have plenty of fun tonight. The sight of the video camera guaranteed that she and Jay would be reliving the 'fun' for a while to come.

Voicing his concern over the evening Kim shook her head, smiling. "Nah don't worry about it Jay," she said, this time giving him a peck on the lips. "I was already stuck with them alone earlier I highly doubt being stuck with them and you could be any worse. You'll probably make it worth my while anyways. I remember something about a massage?"

Raising a brow the slightly bit mischievously she tugged on his hand. "Come on. Let's get this over with. The sooner we ...talk...the sooner they'll leave us alone." Not waiting for him to agree she pulled Jay in to join with the other guys and sat down on the couch between him and Tyler.

"The fun has arrived," she said, leaning back into the couch and crossing her legs. "Let the games begin."
Will Traveler: Will black and whiteto_get_revenge on March 25th, 2009 01:15 am (UTC)

Moving his camera around to capture everyone, Will sat up a bit in his chair and peered at Kim. "Games, eh? We can call it that," he said smirking to himself. He didn't think he'd get any valuable information right now so, peering at the screen one final time, he closed the camera and set it aside.

"I had a rather dull day today. Can't say I accomplished much," he said cocking his head to the side looking bored, though a tiny flicker of humor still lingered behind his green eyes. His eyes moved over to Tyler and he frowned a bit. If he was going to play this right he couldn't avoid mentioning Tyler. It was just an impossibility that he couldn't work around.

"How about you Kim? What did you do today?" He gestured with his hand and sighed. "Well, before I came along. You and Tyler enjoyed a day out. How was that?" He asked. His fingers itched to grab the camera, to record her expression, but he didn't move. Instead, that nonchalant grimace lingered on his face, as if he could care less about her answer. In all honesty he didn't care what Tyler and Kim had done today. He knew they had gone shopping, but that was all. It wasn't in his job description to keep tabs on Jay's girl, even if her activities included Tyler in some odd way. He wanted to make her squirm though, because, had she wanted Jay to know about her shopping spree with Tyler, she would have told him by now. Simple as that.

He knew Jay wouldn't blow up. That wasn't how he was. He'd learned that much during his short time with him He would understand like a good boyfriend should, but then, because he was human and male, there would always be that lingering doubt in the back of his mind that Kim may be hiding something else from him no matter how trivial. Once that trust was lost there was no getting it back. Odd he was considering the lengths someone could go to gain someone's trust again when he was betraying these guys everyday. Their trust in him was more important than anything, yet bringing this up now would surely cast doubts toward him and he was ready for it. Friends looked out for other friends and though what he was doing could be considered 'throwing Tyler under the bus' his question wasn't directly intended to make Kim confess anything. If she did that was on her. If she felt she had to keep something so trivial a secret that was also on her, yet that would open up a whole other side of Kim that none of them had yet to learn about. If she couldn't be straightforward with Jay about something like this, then they couldn't trust her. He would tell this Jay this--though indirectly of course and hopefully he'd see about getting rid of her.

Surprisingly all of these thoughts fluttered through his mind in those two seconds it took Kim to respond. He considered every outcome, like Tyler laughing or blowing up. Maybe even changing the subject or turning these questions on him. He was prepared for whatever came. One thing he'd learned in training was to never show his feelings on his face. He didn't now. This question was purely innocent, a nonentity in the jungle of a larger purpose. He waited for Kim to respond.
flashofyourlife on March 25th, 2009 01:40 am (UTC)
The way Will responded to the word games did not ease any of the unsettled feelings Kim had about the evening. She'd already guessed he would be trying to ask her questions that would make her uncomfortable but she hadn't been expecting the old 'how was your day'.

Raising a brow slightly Kim shrugged as she responded, "It was a good day I suppose. I remembered about an art opening I have to go to this weekend and remembering that Jay wanted me to get to know you guys better I figured who better to ask than the always stylish Tyler." She looked at Jay a bit sheepishly then. "I should have known better though. Now he just thinks I like him for his fashion advice," she joked.

Kim looked over at Tyler and smiled politely. "I suppose Tyler had a boring day getting stuck with me all day." She did feel a bit bad about calling him out of the blue just to go shopping.

Silently Kim hoped Tyler wouldn't bring up the method of payment for her purchases. She didn't think Jay would really throw a fit but she knew it wouldn't be his favorite thing in the world to hear. She was his girlfriend after all and having a friend pay for a girlfriend's clothes didn't exactly sound like a good chapter in the 'best friends handbook'. Besides she'd already told Tyler he'd have his money very soon and even had a check in her purse for the first half of the payment. Part two would be scratched out when she got her next paycheck the following Friday.
Tyler Fog: . Bringing sexy back .buy_youanewlife on March 25th, 2009 02:08 am (UTC)
Oh, subtle Will. Real subtle.

Tyler chose not to dive right in with a comment. Kim was a big girl. She could handle it. Sure, Will could be a little unnerving if you didn't know what a huge dork he was, but it's not like she was new at this or anything.

He cocked a brow when she made the 'always stylish' remark. Uh, that's cause she only saw him when he was making an effort to look nice. Around the Castle, he looked like any other college student. No reason to get all fancied up just kicking it around the house with the guys, right? But it was flattering that that's what she thought. So far, she was doing good. She was sticking to the basics. Playing it safe. No offense to Jay or anything ... I mean, he was a reasonable guy. Reasonable enough to find it slightly strange when one of your roommates spent eight hundred dollars on your girlfriend. In retrospect, it did sound kind of bad, but if there really had been anything going on between him and Kim, it'd be pretty stupid to blow so much cash on her, wouldn't it? Tyler wasn't that stupid - and he would never steal his best friend's babe. You didn't get much lower than that.

"Hey, I'm cool with that." Usually his charming disposition ( surprisingly ) was not what attracted most people to him. Yeah, he was fun and outgoing - good at making people laugh. But he knew that typically people had an ulterior motive for getting close to him, and he was fine with it. At least he pretended to be. 'Cause why would it matter to him whether Kim liked him for his fashion advice or because he was just an awesome guy? Answer: he didn't. She wasn't his girlfriend. Come to think of it, maybe this was why he didn't have one ... he over-analyzed anyone that wanted to get too personal.

A light scoff fell from his lips. "I would hardly call it boring." First of all there was the outrageous amount he'd spent on clothes of all things. Then there was the phone call from his father who'd given him an earful because of his lack of self-control when it came to spending. Right before that, they'd randomly bumped into Will, and finally he'd almost gotten into a fight with some waitress's boyfriend. Actually ... it wasn't all that different than any other day, give or take a few minor details. "Seriously Jay, this girl needed a fashion makeover bad. I mean, it was sad what all she didn't have in her wardrobe." Alright, so he didn't elaborate on any dollar amount, but he wasn't covering for himself either. Kim's version of the story just seemed so ... bland.

"But dude, once you see her in what we bought-" Oops. Not we. "What she bought ... you'll never get done thanking me." Minor slip of the tongue, but he sometimes got carried away once he got to talking. Hopefully Jay wouldn't notice. And if he did, maybe he'd just consider it an expression. Since they'd been shopping together, it was an honest mistake: one anyone could've made.

He cringed at how bad that almost sounded, so he quickly shot a look over to Kim. "No offense. I just happen to enjoy the finer things in life." Which unfortunately came with very steep price tags.
tofit_the_image on March 25th, 2009 03:18 am (UTC)
Jay took a seat on the couch next to Kim, his free hand dangling over the arm of the cloth seat, his other holding Kim's small hand. He didn't really know what his friends had planned, and hoped that they wouldn't scare Kim off with their usual antics.

As he sat there his eyes found every little piece of garbage and dust in the room. He had asked them nicely to help, but of course they were too busy primping themselves in the mirror to life a finger, but that's what you had to expect rooming with two other guys. He was actually surprised that they were still able to see the floor to be honest.

Jay let Will speak, he always let his friends come first in conversation, it gave him more time to figure out what he wanted to say. Unlike most men he tried to think before he spoke, it made life much easier in the long run. Never had to worry about an awkward moment, or spilling something you wanted to keep private.

Well, before I came along. You and Tyler enjoyed a day out. How was that?

His ears perked up at that. Kim and Tyler had hung out? Well maybe that meant they got along well, always a plus in his book. The last thing he needed was his best friend not liking his girlfriend. Things like that never worked out, and it always ended with him having to choose the girl or the friends.

Then he continued, and Jay tensed. They had gone clothes shopping. How in the world did Tyler know Kim's wardrobe? As far as he knew they had only met a few times...was he snooping around her closet? He waited patiently for an explanation, though his eyes darted to Will quickly seeing if he had any input before going back to Tyler.

"Yeah we all know your tastes," Jay said quietly looking between him and Kim. They were sitting next to one another as well. Okay well that could be innocent, they didn't have much seating available, but still. He couldn't help but be paranoid. What guy went shopping with a girl? Only two reasons, he liked them, or they were gay...and Tyler was definitely not gay.

Jay was a level headed guy, there had to be an explanation for this. It had to be purely innocent, he trusted Tyler, but there was a nagging voice in the back of his head, willing him to delve more in depth about what happened. "Well maybe you can show me all the new clothes you bought with Tyler later," he said quietly trying to hide the sarcasm in his voice. He couldn't help himself, he was guy after all, and this was a bit suspicious.
Will Travelerto_get_revenge on March 27th, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
Will eased back into his chair and watched everything go down. What he didn't hear was almost as shocking as what he did. Tyler's little slip up didn't go unnoticed by him, but of course he knew to read into his words. Jay didn't and his comment about about seeing what she'd bought 'with' Tyler instead of what Tyler 'bought' for her let him know that Jay wasn't putting two and two together. He couldn't blame the guy. Tyler and Kim were doing an amazing job of circling around the truth, if he hadn't come across them earlier he would have believed the bull himself.

He could understand Tyler's angle--he didn't want Jay to get the wrong idea. Friends didn't exactly buy a buddy's girlfriend clothes without ulterior motives, yet Tyler had none that he could see. He trusted the guy, yet Jay's reaction was still up in the air. Kim on the other hand was just blatantly lying to Jay's face. Interesting.

"Yeah, I'd like to see what you got too." He looked around at everyone, snatching at an invisible itch on the side of his neck. "Not really," he chuckled. He's leave the boyfriend duties up to Jay.

So this conversation was going nowhere. Did they really expect him to carry it? Hey, he was the guy who listened rather than talked, but if they wanted him to continue to throw out uncomfortable topics he would. It was all in fun right?

"So, how about we skip the niceties and get to the fun stuff," he said eying Tyler. He would have to take the lead sometime. Might as well be right now.
flashofyourlife on April 20th, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
(OOC: sorry this took so long. shortish b/c I'm trying to get back into Kim after massive Traveler Withdrawl)

Once Tyler was on a role about how 'terrible her wardrobe was' she rolled her eyes slightly before shaking her head and leaning back into the couch. "It's not that bad," she mumbled. She would have crossed her arms but she didn't want to let go of Jay's hand at the moment. Who knew what else Will would be throwing out there. Or Tyler if he was really on Will's side.

"Yeah we all know your tastes."

True. She couldn't help the small amused look that crossed her face before looking at Tyler again as he 'apologized' for his bashing of her former wardrobe. "No serious offense taken Tyler." Kim was very tempted to bring Walmart up somehow just to bother him but thought better of it.

She turned to look at Jay as he mentioned seeing her new wardrobe. She picked up on the slight hint of sarcasm and fought the urge to furrow her brow. "You'll see some of it at the gallery this weekend if you can still make it," she said, leaning over and kissing his cheek. "Unless you REALLY want to see the whole wardrobe. All together in one sitting. It could take hours with all the combinations I could make of the clothes." Kim knew Jay didn't really want to sit through a showing of clothes. Her father was usually the same way so she'd decided to deploy the old tactic she used to use on him. Besides, she really didn't feel like trying them all on again either. She wasn't much of a shopper to begin with.

"Yeah, I'd like to see what you got too." Kim's attention turned to Will and her brow raised once again. She laughed a little when he admitted he had been joking and looked back at Jay. She was about to ask him how his day had been when Will spoke again.

Time for the fun to begin. Oh. Joy.
Tyler Fog: . Party time .buy_youanewlife on April 25th, 2009 08:24 am (UTC)
Skip the niceties and get to the fun stuff, huh? Boy, if that wasn't a cue. Thing is, he didn't operate on command. He couldn't just pull humor out of a hat.

... Okay, maybe he could, but he didn't like to. He got a bigger kick out of catching people off-guard. The only problem with that was since everyone sort of expected him to be the life of the party, the element of surprise wasn't all that attainable anymore. He had to really work at it. Still, he could manage. One could never accuse him of lacking personality. But what he also possessed ( even though others might strongly disagree ) was tact. There was a time to be good and a time to be bad. Being bad was just a lot more fun.

The real question here was whether he wanted to side with Will and get the ball rolling right away, or lull Jay and Kim into a false sense of security. Then ... BAM! Throw in a little something for shock value later. Was he that cruel? Absolutely. He'd already done his good deed for the day. Besides, Kim had come at her own risk, and Jay knew him well enough to know that he didn't mean anything by any jabs that might ( and probably would ) get exchanged over the course of the evening.

He casually leaned back, cutting his eyes over to Will momentarily, before returning his attention to the happy couple. Don't think he hadn't noticed the supportive hand holding ( gag ) going on. Were he and Will really that scary, or was Jay super into this girl? Probably both. At least they weren't making out or anything. That would be gross, not to mention awkward. Well, unless he was the one making out with the girl - although obviously in that case, the girl wouldn't be Kim ( no offense ).

Ha, ha. She was sulking, but only mildly so. Good. That meant he'd found a comfortable balance for them. Really though, she should be flattered. Snark was good. If you couldn't be yourself, then why bother? There was a little bit of attitude on her end too, but she'd tamed her eye rolling impulse considerably compared to earlier. He figured that was because of Jay.

Tyler smirked and gave her a little wink when she assured him she hadn't seriously taken offense to his remark. Women could be so sensitive sometimes. Best to cover your tracks whenever you could just to be on the safe side. You know, unless the chick deserved getting taken down a peg or two. That wasn't really his style, but it happened. However, tonight was just about getting to know one another - and drinking. Drinking and eating. Hey, he wasn't a complicated guy. Not usually.

"Of course he wants to see the whole wardrobe, don't you Jay? It beats spending all day at the library. Unless ... you're a geek, and you like that sort of thing." He paused to take a drink as he pondered the thought. Then he slyly spoke up again, a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he glanced over to Will. "Actually, Kim mentioned that she was kinda disappointed you weren't there to catch the start of her modeling career on your camera. If you ask her real nicely ..." Tyler let the suggestion dangle in the air a minute, before returning his gaze to Jay. "Maybe you could get Will to sell you the video," he commented nonchalantly.

That way everyone would get to see the show.

[ OOC: Sorry it's taken me so long to post. I've been studying for finals which are over for me on Tuesday, so bare with me just a little bit longer, please. Almost done for the semester! Whew. Finally! ]