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28 June 2008 @ 02:00 pm
24 hours a day isn't enough...I think I'd prefer 25!  
“I’d like to check these books out please,” Jay said shifting his book bag more comfortably over his shoulders as he sat a pile of books on the librarian counter. The three five-hundred page volume books he had in there already were weighing him down. Coming down the stairs had been a pain and now standing here at the resource counter waiting for the librarian to find a stamp was beginning to work his patience. He wasn’t an impatient guy. No, he gave people all the time they needed to do whatever they needed to do, but today he was already running behind schedule. He’d stayed too long in his criminal justice study group and had gotten waylaid into helping a girl find a book up on the third floor. That had thrown him ten minutes behind schedule and he’d been put in charge of buying groceries this evening. He had to stop by an ATM to withdraw cash, put gas in his car and then rush through afternoon rush in the grocery store to find food prices he could afford to make a decent meal this evening.

He felt like he had a million things to do and very little time to do it in. He failed to realize that it was only 1pm. Dinner wasn’t until five. He had plenty of time, yet when one task was finished there were dozens more to be accomplished and he hated knowing that he couldn’t finish everything on his list in a twenty-four hour period. That was just…unreasonable.

He glanced at his watch as the librarian began to stamp the books and once she finished he scooped the book into his arms saying a quick thank you. He left the library at break neck speed, maneuvering around students coming and going as he made for the student parking lot. Section B wasn’t far so he made it to his car quickly. He dumped his things in the back seat and climbed in the front cranking the car and reversing out of his spot with practiced ease.

He was on the road to the bank within minutes. He didn’t bother going through the drive thru ATM but instead parked and got out to walk to the other more accessible one. Forty bucks would have to do for now. Hopefully the others would catch on to the fact that they didn’t have food in the house and go out and get something because frankly, he was fed up with doing everything in the house. He never told them this though. Unnecessary arguments weren’t on his list of things to do so he kept his mouth shut letting the guys literally walk all over him in this respect. Way to stand up for yourself Jay. He rolled his eyes at his own thoughts as he grabbed the money from the machine.

It was as he was walking back to his car that he realized his phone wasn’t on. He’d turned it off as soon as he walked into the library. Gotta follow the rules, right? He dug it out his back pocket and sifted through the messages. Some from organizations on campus, his college advisor, his study group thanking him for his time this evening. And Will? He brought the phone to his ear to listen to the message as he climbed back into his car.

“Hey, this is Will. Don’t stay out all night. We got a nice surprise for you at the house and no, it’s not a stripper this time.”

His eyes widened as he started the engine. A surprise! Oh, no no no. He hated surprises especially when his friends were involved. He remembered their last good natured surprise that ended with him being doused with a bowl of melted marshmallow goo and decorated with pigeon feathers. It had taken an entire week to remove the remnants of that ‘surprise’ from ever crevice on his body.

He knew better than to drive on the phone so he waited until he was safely inside the grocery store before he rang up Will…who didn’t answer his phone. He rolled his eyes and called Kim instead. He didn’t know why, but if he was forced to be surprised he best make plans to stay at her place afterwards.

Grabbing a buggy he began to walk around the store looking for items cheap yet not generic and gross. Pizza was always a safe choice. He tossed one of those in the buggy as he went.
Current Location: The Market
Tyler Fog: . Seriously? .buy_youanewlife on June 28th, 2008 10:08 pm (UTC)
He shot a look in his rear-view mirror to make sure Will was securely fastened ( or at least inside and seated with the door shut ) before pulling out of the parking spot, but the breaks were slammed on less than a minute later. After the vehicle came to a screeching halt, he snapped his head to the side to glare at Kim - his expression a combination of mild surprise and mock offense. "Did you just say torture?" He tossed a glance into the backseat. "I could've sworn I heard the word torture. Is it just me, or did you hear it too?" He didn't even wait for a nod of confirmation, because he had distinctly heard it. The action of looking to Will to agree was mainly for show - and to make Kim squirm a little.

"I think we've been pretty nice to you," Tyler stated matter-of-factly. Well, aside from the minor case of whiplash he might've just dosed them all with. No big deal though. He hadn't been going fast enough for it to be that damaging a move. But he had to keep up the act: make it look convincing. If she wanted to play, he was all for it. Will was usually a pretty good sport about stuff like this, too. So was it mean? Maybe, maybe not. But apparently this is the type of behavior she expected from them. Didn't want to disappoint! No harm in having a little fun with it.

Tyler didn't believe there was such a thing as having 'too much fun,' but he knew there was a time to joke around, and there was a time to quit. If she could just see the look on her face ... Poor thing was scared to death, thinking he was really mad. Hadn't she caught on by now to the fact that he was a fairly mellow guy? Not to mention a serious prankster ( ha, oxymoron ). Besides, why did she care so much what they thought? As if he was really going to toss her out onto the street with her dozen plus bags of designer wear and make her grab a cab or hike it back to her place. He might've had a tendency to be cruel every now and then ( by some people's definition ), but he wasn't that cruel.

He also didn't want to instigate any more fights ( since apparently he'd instigated the last one ), and a car had started to pull up behind them. It wouldn't sit there for very long before the driver started honking and hollering out the window, so Tyler pressed the gas pedal once again, and they continued rolling on down the street. Shortly after, an extremely satisfied smirk slid into place. "The short answer is no. It wouldn't be a surprise if we told you, now would it?" He cast a quick, triumphant look in her direction before the ringing of her phone cut off anything else he might've wanted to add. Well, that sucked. Only ... maybe not. Could be Jay.

He watched for her reaction first, before yanking the still-ringing phone from her hands. Caller ID verified it was Jay, so he enthusiastically flipped it open and pressed the device to his ear. "Jay! We tried calling you. You wouldn't be avoiding us, by any chance, would you? Just saying. We leave a message, and you call Kim? That hurts me, buddy. Way down deep." Yeah, right. Of course he'd have to explain what he was doing with Kim's phone, which he'd get to - when he was asked, in the most non-detailed way possible.
flashofyourlife on June 28th, 2008 10:51 pm (UTC)
Finally able to relax the smallest bit Kim was very surprised when Tyler slammed on the breaks. "JESUS TYLER!" she yelled, gripping the arm rests after she had lurched forward in her seat nearly hitting her head. The seat belt had pulled tight and she had to reach up and loosen it.

"I think I just had a heart attack," she said, stopping her wrestle with the annoying seat belt. She crossed her arms and turned to glare a bit at the crazy person next to her. After a moment she reached out and hit his shoulder. "You pulled a stunt like that just because of that?!"

Sitting back in a bit of a huff, and a mild case of disbelief, she tried to calm herself, her pulse still rushing. She listened as he continued to tell her about how he couldn't tell her anyways since it was a surprise. Kim rolled her eyes slightly before looking down at her phone when it started to ring.

Pulling it out of her pocket she looked at the caller ID. Thank God. It was Jay. Before she could answer it however Tyler grabbed her phone. "Hey! No Tyler give it back!" she said as he looked at the caller ID. By the look on his face it seemed as if Christmas had come early for the guy. Great.

As Kim tried to grab the phone back from Tyler he moved so his elbow was in the way pointing at her and quickly changed ears with the phone as he started to talk to Jay on the phone. Of course now she wouldn't try grabbing it since she didn't want to be in an accident but she did glare at him, crossing her arms, her gaze trained on him as he drove and talked...on HER phone. She spared a glance at Will. "Oh this is so not funny," she said, huffing and glaring at Tyler again.
Will Traveler: Will circledto_get_revenge on June 28th, 2008 11:43 pm (UTC)
Will watched from the back seat as the guys had it out again and for the tiniest of moments he regretted bringing up the clothing situation because frankly it was causing more problems than necessary. He only meant it as a joke. No big deal.

"So since I'm at the house for the evening am I allowed to know anything about what possible tortures I and probably Jay will encounter? Some forewarning maybe?"

He’d been leaning forward to place himself snug between the two front seats when Tyler took it upon himself to play Fast and the Furious in the middle of the street. The truck screeched to a halt and he literally collided with the back of Tyler’s seat. “Fuck Tyler,” he hissed underneath his breath. He rubbed at his shoulder glaring at the back of his friend’s head. He eventually laughed it off when he heard Tyler’s words, but that was after he cursed a bit. Did he get his license at the local dollar store, seriously!

He let Tyler get in his piece about ‘torture’ which he thought was both hilarious and a bit much. I mean, they may make her want to kill herself, but that would be her choice. Suicide wasn’t his thing so if that’s what she was into, so be it.

“Yeah, chill. We won’t do anything too outrageous to you guys…just a little S&M.” He said that last part under his breath. He chuckled to himself as he sat back against the seat. He fidgeted around with his latest purchases for a bit while Kim and Tyler continued to spat and that’s when his phone vibrated. He grabbed for it, glancing toward the front seat to make sure they hadn’t noticed. Looking at the caller id he saw it was Jay. Well, it didn’t read ‘Jay’ it said “Captain Biscuit” which was a joke only he would think was funny. Jay’s head did look like a biscuit some times. So, he’d finally noticed his message. Well he wouldn’t give him the chance to charm him into not making his life miserable tonight that was for sure. He already had a goofy plan formulating in his head and it involved uncomfortable “How well do you know your significant other,” type games and guess who the lucky participates would be. He closed the phone, smirking as he tucked it back into his pocket. “Hey, maybe we should stop and get some take out for later…”

Kim’s phone rang. His eyes widened. He had not expected that at all. Sure, maybe Jay might have called Tyler about his little cryptic message, but not Kim who was seemingly uninvolved. He leaned in to the back of Tyler’s seat to try and coax him into stealing the phone but before he could form the words Tyler was battling it out with Kim. “ Hahahaha,” he laughed watching Kim trying helplessly to retrieve her last bit of sanity that had slowly slipped away while in their company. Tyler, being an expert ninja it seemed, managed to avoid Kim’s clawing nails and answered the call in record time.

"Oh this is so not funny,"

“For who? Because I’m enjoying myself immensely,” he said snickering. He turned to Tyler and cocked a brow. So it was Jay. The nerve the guy had to call his girlfriend to get out of this surprise. Heh, too bad he didn’t know they were both included. He let Tyler lay it on thick while he turned back to Kim. “So, um, you got in fuzzy handcuffs we could use tonight?” He joked. That should keep her in chips and skittles trying to figure out what in the hell he was talking about, which was nothing really. He just liked making her uncomfortable.
tofit_the_image on June 29th, 2008 12:14 am (UTC)
Jay stopped at the milk, glancing at the assorted prices and dates as the phone continued to ring in his ear. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a bit concerned about Kim. Why wasn’t she answering her phone? He lowered the phone to ensure that he’d dialed the right number and then raised it back to his ear.


“Kim!?!” No, that did NOT sound like Kim at all. He kneaded his brow in confusion, his heart lurching in his chest at the sound of a man’s voice. ”Tyler?” He mouthed to himself. Why in the hell would Tyler have Kim’s phone?

“We tried calling you. You wouldn't be avoiding us, by any chance, would you? Just saying. We leave a message, and you call Kim? That hurts me, buddy. Way down deep."

“Wait, what?” he yelled a bit breathlessly. He glanced around at the other staring customers looking his way and he waved a hand in apology. Shrinking downward to grab a jug of milk he lowered his voice and added. “Tyler, where’s Kim?” And he wasn’t avoiding them. What was that supposed to me mean? “Hey, and I tried calling Will alright. He didn’t answer his phone. Where are you guys?”

And where’s Kim? He asked inside his head again. A few million questions buzzed through his head. Had she been in an car accident? Was that why Tyler had her phone? Had she come over their place and left her phone behind in haste to leave…and then got into an accident? Stop with the fucking car accidents Jay. That’s a bit dramatic. He told himself. He avoided the more pressing question, didn’t even want to fathom it because if he did he may just start rampaging the store. Yet, it lingered at the back of his mind like a nagging fly. Was Tyler seeing Kim behind his back?

No, that couldn’t be the case. Tyler was his best friend and Kim was his girl. There was no way they’d do anything like that to him...right? In that moment all the flashing warning signs went off in his head, those times in the past when Tyler had gotten a bit to close with his girl. But that was all in fun. He’d only be playing around when he hugged her, faked a kiss on the cheek or gripped her hand in reassurance when she’d been upset about something. Yet, what if there was some secret meaning behind it all.

Jay, stop jumping to conclusions. Nothing is happening and you know that. He cursed his own thoughts that had fluttered through his head in the small space of time since he’d answered the phone and heard his friend’s voice. He tried to remain calm, collect, like Jay. He wasn’t the type of person that carelessly jumped to conclusions about people. That just wasn’t who he was. He gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, even those people who didn’t deserve it. He’d give Tyler the same chances, because he was his best friend. And he trusted him, sometimes to a fault, but he’d put his life in his hands if he had to. He waited for Tyler to answer him.
Tyler Fog: . Party time .buy_youanewlife on June 29th, 2008 08:36 am (UTC)
"Don't be so dramatic," he quipped when Kim made the whole heart attack remark. As if it'd been that bad. Though Will didn't seem too fond of the move either. Ah well. He got over it super fast. And Tyler knew he was completely over it 'cause he was back to cracking jokes seconds later. What a wonderful friend. Couldn't have asked for a better pair of buddies, that's for sure. But uh, Will was a lot more fun. Jay, well, he was still looking for the definition of the word in one of those endless books with the tiny text that he toted around, which had to weigh at least an extra twenty pounds - or something like that. He might've been exaggerating slightly. But not by much!

At the suggestion of take-out, he piped up. "Oooh! Great idea." Jay was supposed to be picking up groceries, but knowing him, he'd probably grab a lot of health food crap or snatch the cheapest items he could find. Neither of which would satisfy Tyler's taste buds, so he'd been about ready to ask for suggestions when the phone rang. Things kinda got out of hand from there.

Kim's efforts to get the phone back from him were wasted, because all he'd had to do was suavely shift it over to his other ear. She didn't dare reach across the steering wheel and make a grab for it then. Didn't want to send them spinning into a ditch or anything disastrous like that. 'Cause if that happened, she would be paying for it. Nobody messed with his baby: his shiny, metallic, ritzy sweetheart. No one understood him better. And uh, yeah. He didn't want anyone to get hurt, either. Tyler might've come across as irresponsible and reckless, but he didn't gamble with people's lives. Not intentionally. So driving like a madman, sure. Occasionally. But only when he was sober and capable of keeping the vehicle in complete control at all times. Otherwise, he played it safe. 'Cause hey, he didn't want to die young.

Dude, was Jay for real? What did he think: that he had Kim bound and gagged in the trunk or something? Not that anything like that had been insinuated, but the silence spoke louder than any words. The guy really sounded panicked, what little he did say. Where was the trust? But alright, alright. He would be nice and put him out of his misery, and pronto, before he had a heart attack. Geez. Although he had to have some fun first.

"Kim can't come to the phone right now. She's in the shower." It didn't take a genius to figure out a sleazy love affair was the first scandal that popped into mind. But just incase Jay took that one seriously, he slid right into a different scenario that was obviously not true and would verify that he was just jerking his friend's chain. "Actually, she's a bit tied up. See, I was thinking if we held her for ransom, we could get some extra cash, and we could really splurge. Maybe get some new furniture for the place. The works. What do you think?" Nothing. Great. Guy really lacked a sense of humor.

Looks like it was time to straighten everything out. So after a defeated sigh and a click of the tongue, he'd give the God's honest truth, or whatever. "That was a joke, by the way. You should look it up sometime. Joke. J-o-k-e. Anyway, we ran into each in town. She was shopping. I was shopping. We bumped into Will. He invited her over for dinner. She accepted. We called you. Voila! Nice and simple. And you were worried." What a dork.

( OOC: Sorry it took me so long! )
flashofyourlife on June 29th, 2008 02:26 pm (UTC)
“For who? Because I’m enjoying myself immensely,” she heard Will say, snickering. She watched him as he looked at Tyler and studied his friend on the phone before turning back to her.
“So, um, you got in fuzzy handcuffs we could use tonight?”

"WHAT?!" Kim said in disbelief, eyes slightly wide at the ridiculous comment. Pulling off her hat she reached back and tried to hit Will with it. She then turned when she heard Tyler say she was in the shower. She wasn't in the shower, she thought raising a brow and stopping her assault on Will. 'Tyler you better watch out when we get out of this car,' she thought, pulling her hat back on her head.

She rolled her eyes however when he told Jay a variation of what had really happened. She smiled however. She had to hand it to Fog, he was good. It sounded so natural and so true that she probably would have believed it. She'd have to watch out for him in the future should he ever pull his art out on her.

She had a feeling that if she tried to yell something out for Jay to hear through the phone her efforts would be denied and she'd suffer some weird crazy consequences so she settled on crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair. "At least let me say hello so he doesn't freak out even more," she said to Tyler as he and Jay continued to talk.
Will Traveler: Will yellow bgto_get_revenge on June 30th, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
"Kim can't come to the phone right now. She's in the shower."

"Wow, Tyler," Will murmured as Tyler spoke to Jay. He leaned in close to the front seat, glancing at Kim as she began to freak out. "Shhh," he said to her. There really was no reason to over react. It was quite clear from Tyler's tone that he was joking so Jay should be able to see past his low jab...hopefully. Jay did take things a bit too seriously some times. He had to give it to the guy though, he did keep them in line when things got out of hand. Papa Jay! Will smirked at that thought.

'How is he gonna take being betrayed by you' Will's face fell for the shortest of moments as this thought washed over him. Why was he thinking about this now? This was a job. He had to start treating it like one, though he already had a soft spot for these guys. He couldn't fathom betraying them, but like he said, it was a job. He couldn't walk out on it because his feelings got in the way.

"Actually, she's a bit tied up. See, I was thinking if we held her for ransom, we could get some extra cash, and we could really splurge. Maybe get some new furniture for the place. The works. What do you think?"

He liked that idea actually. He looked at Kim and frowned. He wondered if she liked being chained up. He shook that thought away. Not again. You've already gone too far with her. Get you head in the game Will!

Will listened to Tyler tell a half truth about his shopping trip with Kim. Why lie Ty? Will knew from experience that you only lied when you thought what you did was bad and from the sound of it Tyler looked like he was trying to cover his tracks. Had he misinterpreted his outing himself? Will looked between the two of them and grimaced. Nah, nothing was happening. Couldn't be...right? Fuck, now he was confused. Great!

"At least let me say hello so he doesn't freak out even more." Kim said.

"Say hello? Ha, yeah right. You're probably gonna ask for help. Calm down Kim. We won't bite." Will leaned back into his seat, giving the spat up front half an ear as he looked out the window. This was all too much fun. He'd hate for it end.

'It's going to end. Get used to it. These aren't your friends.' He dropped his head and closed his eyes willing these thoughts away. He didn't want to think about this right now. Sighing he turned back to the window and watched the town pass by the window. This was all temporary. He shouldn't get attached. Only a job...nothing more, yet when he looked at Tyler he didn't see a job he saw a friend, saw someone he could trust and who trusted him. Sometimes he wanted to be caught, then it would all be over. Fuck. He had to start spending time alone again. Distance himself a bit. He was getting in far over his head. Hell, he could barely remember his directives. Maybe it was time for another trip to Deer Harbor.
tofit_the_image on July 1st, 2008 06:50 pm (UTC)
"Kim can't come to the phone right now. She's in the shower. Actually, she's a bit tied up. See, I was thinking if we held her for ransom, we could get some extra cash, and we could really splurge. Maybe get some new furniture for the place. The works. What do you think?"

Jay almost ran into a cereal display after hearing this. “Tyler, seriously, what the hell is going on?” he asked switching his cell to the other ear as he reached for a package of Ramen. After a long day at school working on thesis papers, projects and study groups he was in no mood for jokes. He rolled his eyes and grabbed for a box of Fruit Loops. They were his favorite. For a moment there was only silence on the other end of the line and it took every bit of patience for him to not freak out and give his friend a lawyer’s interrogation.

"That was a joke, by the way. You should look it up sometime. Joke. J-o-k-e.

“Oh, giving me lessons I see? You’re the one who needs to go back to elementary,” he said sighing irritably. Could Tyler ever get to the point? No, his friend loved to ramble a bit first. He discovered a long time ago that Tyler loved to hear his own voice and usually he let him rant on because Tyler was easier to get along with when he got to speak his mind. Patience. He’d learned to have it a long time ago.

Anyway, we ran into each in town. She was shopping. I was shopping. We bumped into Will. He invited her over for dinner. She accepted. We called you. Voila! Nice and simple. And you were worried."

“Why didn’t you just say that?” Jay said calming down considerably. He knew he had overreacted, but that was just the guy he was. He liked things when they ran smoothly. Any life changing alterations in his daily life drove him up the wall. For example, he couldn’t find his toothbrush one morning. He woke the entire house up which hadn’t rubbed either Tyler or Will the right way. He’d eventually realized he’d been holding it in his hand, but that was beside the problem. He hated when things didn’t go as planned. His childhood had been hectic enough. He’d be damned if his freedom at Yale was just as chaotic. Sure, he liked a bit of spontaneity every so often, but not unless it was planned, which was a contradiction and he knew that, but well, he didn’t like unwelcome surprises.

“You invited her for dinner, huh?” Now that was strange. He’d gotten the impression that neither Tyler nor Will liked Kim enough to have to deal with her more than they had to. They were nice to her, but their friendliness had its limitations. He figured that was because they didn’t want to give him the wrong impression. Best friends didn’t cling to each other girl friends. That was an unwritten code. But now they’d invited her to dinner and frankly he was perplexed. He didn’t know if he should he fine with this or worried.

“Well, that’s okay I guess. Sure, we can do dinner. I’m buying some stuff now.” He looked at the items in his cart and cursed. He couldn’t feed Kim Fruit Loops and Ramen! He turned his cart and headed back to the meats to pick up something more dinner ready like steak or lobster neither of which he knew how to cook. “Can you give Kim back the phone?” He said as he looked through the meats. He enjoyed his lovely chats with Tyler, but he’d called Kim, not him. “Please!” He added, laughing a bit.
Tyler Fog: . Just chilling .buy_youanewlife on July 2nd, 2008 02:19 am (UTC)
Geez, on the phone here. Couldn't those two keep it down? It was mainly Kim making all the racket. Now she was swishing her hat around. What the heck? Had she lost her mind? As if Will was intimidated that easily. She was totally wasting her time, but whatever. She better just not whack him with that thing, or he'd be pulling it over ... again. Though she was a lot less likely to fall for it a second time around. Just let her keep it up, though. A guy could always change his mind. It'd be kind of amusing to see her hauling it on down the street, arms boggled down with bags. Cruel passing thought, but a lot of what he was saying/thinking was mild in comparison to Will's jabs.

When Kim asked ( more like demanded in that minnie mousy way of hers ) to say hello, he shot her a skeptical look: one that was accompanied by a loud scoff. Basically, that meant no. And being the smart, classy lady that she was, he was sure she could figure that out without him having to spell it out for her. Did she really expect him to surrender the phone so soon? Because once he handed it over, there was a slim chance he'd get it back. Who did she think she was kidding? You had to get up pretty early in the morning to pull a fast one on Tyler Fog. Will backed him on this, 'cause uh, duh! They were on the same side.

The funniest part ( or not so funny part, depending on how you looked at it ) was that he wasn't sure who was more hysterical: Kim or Jay. Although he was starting to get a little offended by the attitude coming from the other end of the line. Sheesh. Maybe he was a bit on the immature side, but Jay didn't have to rub it in. It wasn't that he couldn't be serious. It's just that it was so freakin' boring to act his age. Plus, they were in college. He was acting his age. Jay was the one who was wise beyond his years, which was admirable and convenient when he was in need of some good advice. But sometimes he could really bring down the mood.

"Did you forget who you were talking to?" Why hadn't he just said that? How dull and predictable would that have been? Seriously. A little credit here. "And for a genius, you don't keep up very well. Will invited her over for dinner. I took her shopping. Someone suggested that she should get to know your friends. You know, for ... who knows why. Thanks for the warning, by the way. Oh and yes, I'll give her back the phone. But one of these days, you're gonna hurt my feelings, Jay." Oh man, that last line was hard to choke out convincingly. Though once it was said, he obediently extended the cell to Kim for the taking. So spoiled.

That's when he glanced into the back to see what Will was doing. He'd suddenly gotten quiet, which was never a good sign. But he wasn't up to any kind of mischief: just sitting there, staring out the widnow. He didn't look so great, either, which prompted Tyler to ask: "Dude, you alright?" See, genuine concern. He had it in him after all. Will wasn't the type to get all quiet and introverted. Or uh ... strangely, sometimes he did get that way. It was weird for someone normally so outgoing. But he didn't think much of it. Just assumed the guy had moods like everyone else, even though he had no idea what could've sparked this one. Kim was the only one who should be sulking, under the circumstances.
flashofyourlife on July 2nd, 2008 04:21 am (UTC)
Kim rolled her eyes at Will. "You may not bite but I commend you both on your growls," she said jokingly before turning to Tyler and waiting for him to say yay or nay to her request. By the looks of it she had a feeling that she wouldn't be getting her phone back until the end of the night and while she knew she'd see Jay in a few hours she really would have liked to talk to him for at least a moment.

She was a bit surprised when Tyler handed her the phone after ragging on Jay for not warning them about telling her to get to know his friends. "Thank you," she said to Tyler greatfully before moving to lean back in her chair again, phone to her ear. "Hey Jay," she said, feeling better already now that she had her phone back.

She glanced over when she heard Tyler's voice again and turned slightly to look at Will who seemed to be staring out the window. She furrowed her brows slightly, wondering why he'd suddenly piped down. He seemed to be thinking about something and she quickly turned back to face the front, listening to Jay. "Did you get anything new done on your thesis?" she asked as she fixed her seat belt that had loosened a bit with all the turning. Lately he'd been spending a lot of time on it and she remembered him sating something about going to work on part of it today before his study group.
tofit_the_image on July 6th, 2008 11:47 pm (UTC)
Jay sighed at Tyler mock irritation. He knew Tyler would get over his less than trusting concern for his girlfriend. It wasn't that he didn't trust Tyler, it was simply hard to with him joking about everything all the time. Maybe he'd make it up to the guy tonight. He flipped a few steaks into the cart and moved further into the store to where the vegetables were. He didn't know what the guys liked so he picked a bit of everything. He was sure when he reached the checkout counter that he'd spent more than $40 bucks. Thank God he had one of Tyler's credit cards with him. He hated spending the guys money, but he'd given it to him for emergencies and this was definitely an emergency.

He heard the rustle of phone switching hands and he smiled as Kim's voice met his ears.

"Hey Jay. Did you get anything new done on your thesis?"

"Hey Kim. Yeah, I did. That study group took longer than I thought it would," he sighed as he placed the food on the counter. "Hey, are you alright. The guys aren't irritating you too much are they?" he said chuckling a bit. He wanted them all to get along, but not at the expense of making Kim uncomfortable. Their relationship...well it was still pretty fresh and could turn in any direction at the moment. He didn't want to scare her away before he could really get to know her. "I'll be sure to keep you entertained tonight," he said switching the phone to the other ear so he could lean and dig into his back pocket. "It won't be too bad. I promise."
Will Traveler: Will backpackto_get_revenge on July 7th, 2008 12:12 am (UTC)
"Dude, you alright?"

Will turned his eyes to look at Tyler and his eyes dimmed. It was obvious he was concerned about something and he knew Tyler would know that, but he couldn't shake it off, not this time. He did try to mask it behind a smile and an 'I'm fine,' though, but he was sure Tyler would bring this up later. And what in the hell would he say. "Oh, I've been sent here to ruin your lives and now I'm having second thoughts. That's all!" Yeah right. He catch hell from them and from his bosses and then where would he be?

He leaned up from the seat and propped his arm on the back of Tyler's as Kim talked to Jay. He had to forget about his problems for now, pretend like nothing was wrong. "I can't wait to get home. Let's skip take out. I think there's edible food in the fridge. Well, there was the last time I checked," he smirked. They were notorious for buying snacks and microwavable foods--basically stuff that didn't last long at all. He'd eaten a sandwich and chips last night for dinner. That may sound like lunch, but with three guys living in a house together that was considered a decent meal when none of them could cook.

He glanced at Kim and he could see she was visibly pleased now that she was talking to Jay. Her entire face glowed and a tint of crimson came to her cheeks. Girls did act a bit strange around guys they liked and if she was getting this way by only talking to the guy over the phone who knew how she'd act when they were in the same room together. Jay was goodlooking from a straight man's perspective, but there was nothing too special about him. What in the world was her problem...seriously? He cocked a brow at her girlish tone and looked back to Tyler nodding his head in Kim's direction knowingly. They would have a good time making this duo uncomfortable tonight if they continued to walk around attached at the hip.

flashofyourlife on July 7th, 2008 02:55 am (UTC)
Kim listened as Jay asked her about her time with the guys so far and she smiled, glancing at Tyler in the driver's seat and at Will still pretty quiet in the back. "Nah, they've been really fun. Though I think I'm going to be getting some serious payback tonight from them. At least from Tyler for convincing him to do some girlie shopping with me," she said laughing a bit and switching to her ear farthest from Fog.

"I'll be sure to keep you entertained tonight. It won't be too bad. I promise."

"I'm sure it'll be fine," she told him. At least she hoped so. She wasn't one to be easily run off, not that she'd had many boyfriends. She had however had many guy friends that had girlfriends that didn't like guys with girls that are friends. She frowned slightly to herself in her head. Things normally sounded better in her head than outloud however that had sounded confusing even in her head.

Photography was so much simpler than real life. Just the same processing of film and paper. A few variations of development but it was always nice and dark and quiet. Well when she didn't feel in the mood to dance about the dark room to old 50s tunes.

"Where are you right now?" To be on the safe side she wanted to figure out who would get to the Castle first. Sure Tyler was dropping her off so she could throw her things in the apartment, change, and drive her car to the apartment but after all that, how long would she be alone with those two? She had a feeling the festivities would start the moment she or Jay walked in the door.
Tyler Fog: . Suspicious .buy_youanewlife on July 7th, 2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
Yeah, fine. Right. That was the universal translation for 'lying through my teeth, but I don't wanna talk about it.' But whatever. Tyler wasn't the type to beat anything out of anyone, especially when it looked like it was going to turn into a serious talk. And uh, even if he was curious ( which he was ), he wouldn't bring it up in front of Kim. Well, again. Although technically he'd assumed she was too wrapped up in her phone conversation with Jay to be aware of anything else going on around her. When women were swooning over the man of their dreams ( so funny to think of Jay as some girl's fantasy, ha ), they rarely paid attention to the rest of the world. He'd learned that from experience - and gotten away with a lot of dastardly deeds because he was able to recognize a situation and take advantage of it when the opportunity presented itself.

Although nothing too terrible, of course, because he was way too nice a guy to do anything that mean-spirited.

He'd leave it alone though, for now. Especially since they were approaching Kim's place. Once they ditched the girl, they could either talk ... you know, still man to man stuff, except deep and insightful or whatever ... or plot. Either was cool with him. He wasn't that picky, as long as it wasn't all awkward and quiet. He hated when it got quiet. Why that was exactly, who knew. Maybe Tyler was just a fun-loving guy, and in his book, if there was silence, there was nothing going on. And if nothing was going on, there was no fun being had. Which automatically led to him trying to amend that asap and stir up as much mischief as humanly possible. Ah yes, good times. But his roomies liked that about him, right? It kept things lively and interesting.

That infamous Tyler Fog smirk surfaced when Will nodded towards Kim. Oh yeah, tonight there would be loads of fun. And the part about skipping take-out had been acknowledged somewhere in there too. What? So he had a little trouble shifting gears so quickly, especially when he was trying to spy/eavesdrop on everyone in the vehicle. It was a daunting task! Two passengers and the road. That was a lot for him to focus on at once. He thought he'd kept up pretty well. But since the automobile had rolled to a stop, one of its occupants was about to get the boot. So get off the phone Kim! And scram. No offense. She was a sweet person and all, but he didn't want to have to hurl over here because of all the lovebird talk going on. Besides, they'd see her later! So um, even if he seemed to be abruptly ditching her, it was only temporary. She'd deal.

"Looks like this is your stop," he added, just incase she was off in la la land with her lover. Oh, and who really cared about a thesis? You know, aside from the person whose grade depended on it. And even then, it was pretty hard to care about. Or maybe that was just him. And why did she need to know where Jay was? Can someone say stalker? He didn't say any of this aloud, obviously. Just kinda stared at her funny and drummed his fingers against the steering wheel impatiently.