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traveler_rp's Journal

A Traveler Roleplaying Game
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This is a Pre-Traveler rp. That means, this rp will take place before the Drexler bombing. Since there are only 6 man characters (Will, Jay, Tyler, Kim, Nel and Maya (we'll work something out for her) ) we'll focus on these characters mainly.

To be a Main Character you need to be a decent writer. That means you can write complete sentences without the aid of your mother, lol. If you think you fit that bill than please apply. It would help if you gave a link to a story you've written in the past if you want higher credibility than others that apply.


  • Will Traveler

  • Jay Burchell

  • Tyler Fog

  • Kimberly Doherty

  • Nel

  • Maya

  • OC #1

  • OC #2

  • OC #3

  • OC #4

  • OC #5

  • The Forum: Traveler: The RPG Forum We no longer use this forum, but feel free to read what's there.