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05 May 2008 @ 09:12 pm
So, he'd be lying if he said that he wasn't amused by the abundance of blatant bull coming from both their mouths. It was quite hilarious hearing their conflicting stories about the same event. They conflicted so much he was beginning to doubt they’d been together at all. Will took the receipt from Tyler with obvious curiosity and almost chocked on his spit when he read the price. Eight-hundred dollars! Was Tyler losing his mind? Will dropped the paper on the table and chose not to comment about that. Tyler knew his limits better than he did. It wasn’t like the guy didn’t see those price tags when Kim was loading expensive merchandise into his arms. Kim on the other hand had to be conscious of her spending habits.

"This guy refused to let me put anything back saying it would be an insult to him.

Will looked at her with a blank face and chose not to comment though his mind was screaming. “And yet you couldn’t refuse? Sure.” Tyler said the same things to him when they’d gone out shopping and he’d respectfully refused to let him buy anything if he could afford it and he usually could because he spent within his limits. But he guessed if he didn’t know how stretched for cash Tyler was he’d probably go a little wild too so he didn’t fault Kim too much. The girl was doing what anyone would do with a seemingly wealthy gentleman at their disposal.

Plus, Tyler couldn’t be stingy right? I mean, he had a reputation to uphold. “Let’s just say I wouldn’t be as giving,” he said eyeing the receipt. He was without words.

As Tyler’s excuses came to an end he skillfully changed the subject for which he was grateful.

"You know what? I never realized shopping could make a person so hungry. Is this one of those places where you have to go in to order?"

“Nah, I ordered something a few moments ago,” he added waving for the waitress who had attended to him to come back over. She did and he gestured to his friends. “They’d like to order,” he said. He smiled at her, letting his eyes wander a bit, but not too much. He had to show a bit of decency right? Instead, while Tyler ordered he looked to Kim who sat fiddling with her hat. “It looks nice,” he said smiling at her.
Kim watched as Tyler laughed and mentally slapped herself. Something like Target wouldn't have been quiet so bad and have gotten the point across. But no...she had to say Walmart. "You don't say snazzy I won't say Walmart," she mumbled, waiting for him to elaborate on what he was thinking as he stopped laughing.

She tried very hard to keep the look that was to the effect of what she would look like if he said he still believed in Santa Clause off her face and kept her arms crossed, lips drawn together surveying him. She could tell he was serious and she really didn't know what to say. It was a bit weird. If she accepted she'd feel bad for multiple reasons. A, she was taking the money of the guy who was her boyfriend's close friend, B, she'd already dragged him to shop and now he was paying for her shopping, C, what would Jay say and D, well it was...just weird.

It was a battle with her pride. If she let Tyler pay for anything she'd feel a bit like she'd used them. Also if she couldn't pay for something she didn't really need it now did she? She could easily get rid of a few things in the pile. But she had a feeling Tyler wouldn't let her even if she did. She stared at him long and hard for about half a minute before sighing and looking down at the carpet then back at him. "Alright fine. If you would pick up the slack I will gladly pay you back for it. I'm getting paid again in about a week so I can start then." She knew he wasn't offering charity or anything like that. If he was they both knew it would be a resounding no.
25 April 2008 @ 10:36 pm
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Kim stood there on the sidewalk for a moment, arms crossed and brow raised. Could he ever just have a simple polite reply?! She supposed not. It was Tyler after all. Not that he was mean. It was just that he always had to make something funny. "Oh come on it's not THAT bad," she called, running after him to catch up.

Falling into step with him, watching as they crossed the street and onto the sidewalk on the other side. "It isn't exactly my first real art show as in attendance but it is the first one that I actually have some art in. Basically I just need something that isn't black tie but isn't jeans. For lack of a better phrase," she started, "Something snazzy." She then winced a bit. "Ouh. I don't like that word," she said making a weird face. "It's so odd."

as they came upon the store front she looked in the window. "It doesn't look too bad. Sure it won't kill you to go in?" she asked, pulling the door open. The way she said it, it sounded more like a challenge.
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It was the weekend. Finally. It felt like it had been forever since the last weekend with all the long classes and assignments due through-out the week. Art history was giving Kim quiet a headache. She wasn't the biggest fan of Modernism.

She had seen Jay or the other two inhabitants of 'the Castle' in about a week. No wait. That was a lie. She'd had the quickest of lunches with Jay before one of his classes on Thursday. It had been sandwiches in one of the courtyards. She'd also run into Tyler as he was leaving school earlier in the week.

Lately Jay had been asking Kim to try and spend more time with the guys. She'd thought it'd been a bit sweet but wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of more time with Tyler Fog and Will Traveler. After all, Will normally made it clear he didn't like her and Tyler...well she didn't really know much about Tyler.

However here it was, nearing Saturday afternoon, and she had nothing to do. Jay had a major paper due on Monday and had skipped out on their planned date. There was only one thing she was really able to come up with to do. And she wasn't excited. She'd have to call one of the other Castle boys.


Glaring at her phone as if it was it's fault she was stuck with choosing one of the two to call she sighed. "Time to pick my poison. Tyler...or Will." It actually wasn't that hard of a choice. Tyler would probably be more fun. After all he didn't always pick a fight or argument with her and they were a bit nice to each other. Though she suspected it had something to do with the cookies she'd left at their house a few weeks back as a hopefully peace offering to the boys.

Steeling herself, Kim picked up the phone. Skipping through the phone index she came across Fog and hit dial, moving the phone up to her ear. She just hoped Jay would be happy she was at least trying to know his best friends better. She'd never really had a boyfriend like Jay. Or really a real one for that matter. Maybe that was another reason she found herself calling Tyler on a Saturday afternoon.

She sat in her kitchen listening to the phone ring. 'Please pick up Tyler. I don't want to call Will,' she thought to herself. She really didn't feel like calling the recluse.
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30 December 2007 @ 08:08 pm
Kim frowned slightly, confused at his words. What the heck did he mean by that. She started to ask him but didn't even finish her words as he left the room. "What will be......easier," she said sighing and moving to turn on the bedside light so when he came back he could see what he was doing.

God! All she'd wanted was a simple day of finishing some sketches for her exams and then a good night's sleep. But no. It seemed she'd done something wrong in a past life or something because for some reason she found everything more difficult with the presence of one Will Traveler in her life. It felt as awkward as when she and Jay had first started dating...if not more so. An image of Will and her sitting at some restaurant on a date popped into her mind and she quickly shook her head. The image hadn't been that bad but it did make her feel a bit guilty. Though he had looked gorgeous like always.

Like always? She sighed and looked as he came back in and watched him start to make his new sleeping arrangements. Leaning back she grabbed a random pillow and watched him before getting a mischievous look. The heavy atmosphere in the room needed to leave and she had a feeling she knew exactly how to at least lighten it.

After another moment of watching him she decided it really was for the best and threw it at him, grinning a bit in her childish behavior.
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09 December 2007 @ 08:21 pm
Kim crossed her arms, as if trying to think of something and also in an effort to keep warm. "Of all the nights for things to go wrong it had to be tonight," she said sighing. She then looked at Will again. "I'm sorry about all this. Really you don't have to. I can go look at it. You'd probably fall down the basement stairs with what little sleep you've gotten." Okay well maybe it was more something that Jay or Tyler would do, which formed a funny picture.

She really felt bad. After all Will was her guest and he was offering to go down and try and fix the furnace so that he could go back to sleep in an above freezing room. The least she could do is try it herself.
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07 December 2007 @ 04:41 am
The drive to Kim’s place gave Will time to think about what exactly he was doing. What would Jay honestly think about him staying at his girlfriend’s house? Hadn’t be made it quite clear during stint in the castle that he thought Kim was a waste of time, that she was getting in the way of Jay’s future as a prospective lawyer? And now here he was, staying at the girl’s house like they were the best of friends when in actually they hadn’t talked like civil friends since…well since Jay made him talk to her when she came over the house. No wonder Kim looked nervous now as they stood outside of her home, Kim rattling at the lock before letting them both into the pleasantly warm living room. He looked around at the dark room, at the painting and photographs on the walls and stopped Kim’s hands as she reached to switch on a table lamp. “No, let’s stay in the dark,” he said gripping her hand in his own.
17 August 2007 @ 06:33 am
To add yet more wood to the fire, our wonderful rpers have decided to make character journals for the characters they play. The journal entries are independent of the main rp, but it is yet another way for us to play around with our favorite characters from Traveler. Check these journals out and see what you think. If you like what you see please consider joining.

The Forum: http://traveler.hyperboards.com

Also, if you haven't noticed, we have a Nel Graham. She's being played by Tessa. XD

Tyler Fog: http://buy_youanewlife.livejournal.com

Jay Burchell: http://tofit_themold.livejournal.com

Will Traveler: http://to_get_revenge_livejournal.com

Maya Brighton: http://sail_withyou.livejournal.com

Nel Graham: http://post_modernfad.livejournal.com
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10 August 2007 @ 01:25 am
I bet you've all been wondering what's been happening in the roleplay because, yes, we're still alive and thriving with fantastic roleplayers that bring your favorite Traveler characters alive before your very eyes. More information behind he cut.

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