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18 June 2008 @ 01:49 am
To The Castle  
((I'm sorry it took so long for me to update. I've been really busy with life. GAHH, it sucks. So anyway, I hope this post will make up for my absence. I'm gonna try my hardest to update on a regular basis again. I miss this place. XD. Enjoy))

Will watched with wide eyes as his friend dug a hole, no a trench for himself that he knew he would eventually have to help him climb out of. "Tyler, shut up," he mouthed under his breath, but no. One after another his friend threw out verbal punches knocking the burly beast down to size with each curt retort, each ego degrading slander. It was no wonder the guy hadn't punched Tyler's face in already as he went as far as to advice the guy to consider anger management. The nerve of his friend was astounding to be frank and Will had to bite the inside of his jaw to keep from laughing. Upsetting the guy with a mocking laugh wouldn't be the wisest thing to do given the givens, so he chose to remain quiet and unusually patient, glancing out the corner of his eyes at Kim who seemed amused by this all.

And then she put her two cents in too. What in the hell was wrong with this picture? He pegged her for the strong, confident and wise silent type. Not the girl to follow Tyler's lead, driving the stick in just a little further than necessary. It seemed their little outting together today had made them somewhat in tune with each other outrageous blunders and he, being the voice of reason would have to pull them both back from the brinks of death. He was not looking forward to that at all.

Will cocked a brow at them both and stood, ready to intervene when the cop across the pavilion finally took notice of their situation. Will watched him hoist his extra large behind from his straight back chair and wabble over to their table, gripping his belt buckle and flashing his badge like he was a member of the FBI. More like a rent-a-cop if you asked him, but no one had so he kept his opinion to himself, eyeing the gun in the man's hoister as the man stopped in front of them.

"What's the problem here?" he asked, his growl deep and throaty. Will shrugged.

"There's no problem here officer. Just some old friends catching up." He smiled at Tyler, then at Kim and then at Jumbotron who looked like he was about to pop a vessel in his head from thinking too hard. He winked at him, daring him to make a scene because it was three against one. It didn't take a three Harvard grad. students to figure out who the cop would side with.

The guy backed off and for that Will was relieved. He dropped his gaze for a moment, lifting his right hand to scratching a nervous itch behind his left ear. The officer continued to survey them, sizing up the situation and getting no where fast. "Well, you folks have a nice day," he said nodding his head to acknowledge them all starting with the lady first. Will smirked at Kim. She was no lady, but again, he didn't voice his opinion. Jumbotron left along with the cop and they were left to fend for themselves.

"Let's get out of here," he said under his breath to Tyler as he dug inside his pocket for cash enough to pay the tab. He bent and grabbed his things from the ground and peered up at his much taller friend. "You need to learn to keep your mouth shut," he said his face serious though his eyes shone with mirth. That had been a close call. He had to admit that and though he was utterly amused by the situation he'd rather not find himself in the same predicament twice.

Shooting Tyler a quick wink he led the way out of the pavilion.
Will Traveler: Will smiling.to_get_revenge on June 27th, 2008 01:30 am (UTC)
"See you back at the Castle. Oh, and call Jay. Make sure he's home for dinner tonight."

Will glanced at Tyler and smirked. “Trying to get rid of me I see,” he said smirking. “Nah, can I catch a ride? I took a cab out here, didn’t want to bother with the car in all this traffic.”

He followed behind Kim a short distance, pulling out his phone as he went. He flipped his phone open and sifted through the numbers to Jay’s. Like he figured, he got Jay’s voice male. You couldn’t very well have your phone on inside a library, which is where he figured he must be.

“Hey, this is Will. Don’t stay out all night. We got a nice surprise for you at the house and no, it’s not a stripper this time.” Will glanced at Kim a smug grin on his face. They never had strippers at the house…well you could count this one girl that Tyler brought over once who was a nudist, but, well, she didn’t count.

Slipping his phone back into his pocket Will looked around the parking lot of the shopping mall. “Where did you guys park? Mars?” He joked trying to search for the car. It was moments like this that his short stature was a disadvantage. He couldn’t see anything from where he stood, much less over the large masses of SUV and Hummers.

“You coming straight to the house with us?” He asked Kim when they finally reached Tyler’s truck. He pulled the back seat door and when it didn’t open leaned against the side of the truck until Tyler unlocked it. “Or do you want to go freshen up a bit? Maybe throw on one of your dozens of brand name outfits.” So, he was making fun of Kim’s obsessive shopping habits, but it was all in good fun. Really, it was. He smiled at her to show that he was only kidding around before climbing into the truck.
flashofyourlife on June 27th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
Kim continued to head towards the car and heard Will starting to leave a voice-mail for Jay. Her eyes narrowed slightly as he mentioned the surprise not being a stripper...this time.

What the hell was that supposed to mean?! She paused for a moment, spinning around to give Will a look and crossed her arms, eyes still narrowed and gave a small point at him and made a silly punching motion as if to say 'you are going down', jokingly.

When he hung up Kim spoke, "Ha ha very funny Will," she said, rolling her eyes at his smug grin and wanting so badly to knock it off of his face in one way or another.

She then went on following Tyler to search for the car as Will complained about it being so far away.

"You coming straight to the house with us?" Will asked her when they got to the car. "Oh I was thinking that I should just have Tyler drop me off so I can drive over in a bit and not make anyone drive me home later. Don't want to be any more of a hassle then I seem to have already been today." Kim shifted a bit uncomfortably.

Looking in one of the windows she saw one of the bags of what she'd bought. Damn Tyler and his annoyingly convincing and nice face. He'd make an excellent businessman with his smooth talking. Since the phone call that had happened earlier Kim had got the feeling that she should have just refused Tyler's offer.

She felt even worse when Will continued to joke about it. Seeing his smile however she knew he wasn't TRYING to make her feel bad so she perked up a small bit. "Also while I'm home I'll be able to pay Tyler for at least part of what I owe him," she said, pulling off her hat again and beginning to fiddle with it.

"And I really actually hate to shop," she added, fixing the edge of her hat before placing it back on her head with a small smile, "So don't worry I won't bother Tyler again like this. I didn't even intend to when I asked him to come with me," she said, hoping that Will understood she wasn't trying to latch onto Tyler for money or anything. That the thought had never crossed her mind.
Tyler Fog: . Bringing sexy back .buy_youanewlife on June 28th, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
He escalated it? Pulease. He'd done nothing of the sort. But Kim could think whatever she wanted - though it looked like she was just trying to suck up to Will with that extra added bit. Right. She was trying to buddy up to Jay's friends: both of them. So straddling the line was a predictable move. Couldn't really hold it against her. Well, he could. But that'd be kind of mean, and he wasn't a mean person. So lucky her! Looks like he was letting that little remark slide.

When his friend tried to bum a ride, he'd frown and shoot him a look that just screamed 'yeah right!' No duh, Will needed a ride. Didn't he always? Wait a sec - how'd he? Ah, cab. Why had he taken a cab out here? Just for lunch? Seemed kinda silly to Tyler when there were plenty of places closer by. But the 'not in this lifetime' expression had already faded, and his shoulders rolled back in a careless shrug. "Sure. If you think you can make it that far." Seeing as how there was already complaining about the distance from the Pavillion to the vehicle. So he'd been too lazy to re-park it closer to their designated lunch area of choice. They hadn't had to carry Kim's bags very far, and that was good enough for him.

Because of the whining, Tyler had deliberately made Will wait until they'd all completely reached the truck before unlocking it, a smug grin stretched across his face once he did so. It was wiped clean away though because, well ... a.) no strippers? Come on! Maybe next time. You know, when there wasn't already a female presence around. Kinda sucked all the fun out of it. And b.) why was she back to defending her once-in-a-lifetime splurge of a shopping spree? Hadn't they already been over this like a half a dozen times? "Uh, hello. Right here. If Tyler needed the money right now, he wouldn't have given it to you in the first place. So chill. It's starting to get insulting. If there's one thing I can do for my friends - or my friends' girlfriends, it's spare a little extra cash. Besides, it's not like it'll ever happen again." That was his way of lightening up the conversation before he slid in behind the wheel and cranked the ignition.

The whole speaking in third person thing was dumb, but that's what it all sounded like to him when he was literally just three feet away. As for right now, well, they just needed to hop in so they could go. He was ready to hit the gas pedal. He had the need ... the need for speed. Top Gun. Great movie. It'd be cool to fly a jet. Hey! Maybe he should buy one: give it a try. Then he could get any chick he wanted. Not that he wasn't already smooth and savvy when it came to picking up the ladies.
flashofyourlife on June 28th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
Kim sighed as Tyler, once again told her not to sweat borrowing the money. "Alright alright," she said holding up her hands in defeat. "Sorry I 'm just not used to ever really owing someone so when I do I feel a bit weird about it. Promise I'm not like this all the time." She tossed her purse onto the floor and climbed into the passenger seat, closing the door.

As Tyler started to gas Kim flipped out her phone and glanced at it. No messages from Jay. He was definitely still at the library. Kim was pretty sure he'd talked about a paper on habeas corpus or something. Flipping her phone shut again she stuffed it back into her pants pocket and leaned back in her seat relaxing a bit.

As she sat there Kim began to think of the days events. They were good and bad. She'd had fun being herself and chilling with Tyler but now....she was being the annoying girl friend who sucked up to the friends. Making a silent resolve to herself she relaxed, thinking of how she would act if it was Jay. She had to be herself and not worry so much. Not suck up. Not be that kind of person she hated. She wasn't a suck up. She was generally a fun person and now she felt like a nuisance. That ended now.

Taking a small breathe, she gained some confidence. "So since I'm at the house for the evening am I allowed to know anything about what possible tortures I and probably Jay will encounter? Some forewarning maybe?" she asked, a bit of a smile on her face. She had no doubt they were plotting something. Hah. Plotting. The idea of Tyler and Will plotting brought up a picture of the two with curled skinny villain mustaches and she fought the urge to smile more at that as she waited for an answer.