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05 May 2008 @ 09:12 pm
The Pavilion  
So, he'd be lying if he said that he wasn't amused by the abundance of blatant bull coming from both their mouths. It was quite hilarious hearing their conflicting stories about the same event. They conflicted so much he was beginning to doubt they’d been together at all. Will took the receipt from Tyler with obvious curiosity and almost chocked on his spit when he read the price. Eight-hundred dollars! Was Tyler losing his mind? Will dropped the paper on the table and chose not to comment about that. Tyler knew his limits better than he did. It wasn’t like the guy didn’t see those price tags when Kim was loading expensive merchandise into his arms. Kim on the other hand had to be conscious of her spending habits.

"This guy refused to let me put anything back saying it would be an insult to him.

Will looked at her with a blank face and chose not to comment though his mind was screaming. “And yet you couldn’t refuse? Sure.” Tyler said the same things to him when they’d gone out shopping and he’d respectfully refused to let him buy anything if he could afford it and he usually could because he spent within his limits. But he guessed if he didn’t know how stretched for cash Tyler was he’d probably go a little wild too so he didn’t fault Kim too much. The girl was doing what anyone would do with a seemingly wealthy gentleman at their disposal.

Plus, Tyler couldn’t be stingy right? I mean, he had a reputation to uphold. “Let’s just say I wouldn’t be as giving,” he said eyeing the receipt. He was without words.

As Tyler’s excuses came to an end he skillfully changed the subject for which he was grateful.

"You know what? I never realized shopping could make a person so hungry. Is this one of those places where you have to go in to order?"

“Nah, I ordered something a few moments ago,” he added waving for the waitress who had attended to him to come back over. She did and he gestured to his friends. “They’d like to order,” he said. He smiled at her, letting his eyes wander a bit, but not too much. He had to show a bit of decency right? Instead, while Tyler ordered he looked to Kim who sat fiddling with her hat. “It looks nice,” he said smiling at her.
flashofyourlife on May 6th, 2008 01:38 am (UTC)
Kim reached out for the receipt and tried her hardest not to have a heart attack. It was definitely more than she would have liked to spend. Hopefully when Tyler dropped her off she'd be able to write him a quick check covering a forth of it for now then another bit would be paid the next week.

On the plus side now that she had a new wardrobe she could get rid of a lot of things in her closet she didn't really like all that much. Most likely she'd give it to some consignment shop nearby and the money she got from that would also go to covering the expense. She handed it back to Tyler. "I can write you a check when you drop me off," she said and looked up as Will waved a waitress over.

As Tyler ordered she looked over at Will. “It looks nice.” Kim smiled a bit. "Thanks. It's probably the most useful things we got," she said, taking it off and starting to spin it around.
Tyler Fog: . Elysium .buy_youanewlife on May 6th, 2008 10:17 pm (UTC)
The corners of his lips upturned in a large smirk. "Most people wouldn't. That's what makes me so special." Even when someone was trying to be nice, they would maybe offer up a couple hundred, but not a cent more. 'Cause for someone who was practically a total stranger? Even that was a lot of money. 'Course that was also talking normal people - not the filthy rich. Although technically, he wasn't that much richer than everyone else anymore, thanks to dear ole' dad. He still had his luxurious platinum cards, but they'd only last so long when they were his only source of funding - or the only one extensive enough to pay for all his wants and needs. Dang it. Maybe the reality of it all had yet to settle in.

"Don't sweat it." That was all he had to say about getting a portion of the eight hundred dollars he'd just blown on Jay's girlfriend back. It's not like they were even going together. Then again, that might've acted as a deterent for him to spend so much. Backwards much? But women tended to come and go pretty quickly in his world. Jay was a more permanent fixture, and he seemed like the long-haul kind of guy. And Kim, well, she seemed like she could be the one riding shotgun. So causing problems this early on would only make unecessary waves.

When Will waved the waitress over, she handed them each a menu which he breezed over relatively quick before making his selection. Not too tough of a choice: this wasn't exactly your steak and potato kind of joint. He ended up ordering a thickburger, fries, and a large coke. See? He could fit the 'all american college student' standard if he gave it a shot. He'd also chowed down on many nightly cuisines of pizza and beer since that was in everyone's budget range, but hey, no complaints. As long as the food was good, he was all for it - and right now he was hungry enough to eat anything.

So yeah, hot-legged waitress: skip to it. Yeah, yeah. He noticed she was hot. From the looks of it, Will had noticed too, even though he did his best to cover it up. Went as far as to readjust his attention and settle it on Kim: pay her a compliment about her hat. Nice? That's the best he could come up with? The guy seriously needed a little flavor added to his vocabulary, although Kim seemed to prefer 'nice' to 'snazzy.' Go figure. Chicks were strange.

"Nuh uh. We got-" He realized the error in his choice of words and quickly changed it. "You got a lot of useful things. Or, they will be, eventually." It's not like she'd bought some kind of stupid looking statue to just kinda hover around her place collecting dust. That sounded like something a 'struggling artist' would blow their money on. Now that would be absolutely useless. - Okay, so maybe he didn't have a huge appreciation for art.

The lightness of the moment was interrupted by the vibration of his phone, and against his better judgement, he whipped it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID - and cringed. Oh crap. This guy ran a multi-billion dollar corporation, and he still seemed to manage to know Tyler's every move. Kinda creepy. After stalling a few more seconds, he flipped the phone open and pressed it against his ear. "Hey Dad. Look uh, this isn't a great time. I'm having lunch with some friends, so can you call back later?" He flinched a little once he heard the harshness in his father's tone - the one that reflected that he meant business and he was not pleased ( although no shocker there, right? ). Nope. Looks like calling back later was not an option.

"Okay, okay. Don't have a heart attack." He momentarily pressed the phone against his chest to muffle the sound some from his end of the line. "Excuse me for just one sec. You guys try and stay out of trouble until I get back, kay?" Then it was back over the fence for Tyler Fog. Man, he was definitely getting his exercise for the day. As far as where he chose to have this conversation with his over-bearing father, it was selectively as far away from anyone as possible. He didn't like publicly broadcasting his disputes.

Eight hundred dollars, Tyler?! Yeah ... that seemed to be the popular consensus around here. Obviously, eight hundred dollars was a little much.
Will Traveler: Will at Mya'sto_get_revenge on May 8th, 2008 03:25 pm (UTC)
A bit uncomfortable with the back and forth going on between Kim and Tyler, Will drew his attention to a scuffle going on across the road. He watched 2 guys get thrown to the ground by two cops. Coincidentally one guy had dark brown hair the other dirty blonde. Will’s eyes widened as the two guys were read their rights and pushed forcibly into the police car. It was like seeing his friends being accosted right in front of his very eyes. He wouldn’t be there when they were driven off to jail, but here it was, right before his eyes, a physical display of what would happen to them. Their lives would be over and he would be the person behind their incarceration. His eyes dropped for a moment and he exhaled through his nose.

“Is the food good here?” he asked them. He’d never been to the place before and though he could care less if the food was decent at all, he needed to say anything to get his mind off what he’d just witnessed.

It was then that Tyler’s phone rang. He watched Tyler pull a face as he answered the phone and Will knew it was Carlton before Tyler spoke the less than emotional words “Hey Dad.” He had an inkling why Carlton was calling at this hour but he wasn’t sure, wouldn’t be until Tyler ranted about it tonight as he drank himself into a drunken stupor. His father really didn’t have tact. Didn’t he see what he was doing to his son? The answer was of course Carlton did, and he did too though he’d been forced to pretend he was oblivious to Carlton’s less than fatherly tactics.

He gave Tyler a ‘stay strong’ grimace before he crossed the fence and walked away putting a great degree of distance between himself and their curious ears. Will leaned one elbow on the table and turned to Kim. “Will you be coming over tonight?” he asked fiddling with the salt and pepper shakers on the table. “If you want to get some lead way with us all, you can join us for dinner tonight. It should be fun.”

So, he had alternative motives. He expected to get Kim in the Castle, make her as uncomfortable as possible, though not obviously so, and then have her avoid their house in fear of being reminded of her blunders. Hopefully Jay would get the point and keep her away…but then he’d stay away and then what would he do? Damn it. Will trashed that idea and thought around for another. Formulating a way to push her away wasn’t as easy as he thought because if she was gone Jay would be too and that wouldn’t help his cause. If he could keep both guys locked inside the house and mind fuck them for days at a time with no negative effects or feedback he could, but he very well couldn’t. These guys needed to trust him. Pushing Kim away would push Jay away…he should have been aware of Kim’s intrusion early on now he had to deal with her presence. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Kim wasn’t exactly an enemy, more like an unwelcome intruder.

He smiled warmly at her nonetheless, his eyes cutting around her to Tyler who still talked with his father. He would have to talk to Hometown about Carlton insistent calls. If the guy wished to frame his son he needed to understand that Tyler had to cooperate with him in order to do that. With Tyler fuming after each call he did just the opposite. Two years wasn’t that long and half of it was almost over. He had to get a roll on and both Carlton and Kim were making that fucking impossible.
flashofyourlife on May 8th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
After Tyler finished ordering Kim quickly picked something out of the menu and handed it back to the waitress before the woman walked away. She turned back to the conversation Tyler and Will were in just in time to hear him say she got a lot of useful stuff which made her roll her eyes a bit, though it was true.

Kim was already regretting letting Tyler buy her anything whatsoever. Especially since she had now seen the final total. Plus she couldn't even return anything since he had the reciept and also she knew he'd probably notice if some money reappeared on his card...or maybe he wouldn't. Who knew.

When she heard him sounding less than thrilled about talking to his dad she decided not to say anything. She knew from Jay that he and his old man didn't get along to well and she didn't want to interfere. She just hoped it had nothing to do with the shopping trip. If so Kim would probably drag Tyler back to the store and make him return every single damn piece of clothing because she wasn't one to make her friends suffer for her in any way. Especially not if it was something stupid and materialistic like clothes.

She watched as Tyler got up and leave the table to take his call and frowned a bit wishing she knew why the old guy was bugging his son in the middle of the day. Didn't he have some big company to run?

“Will you be coming over tonight?" Will asked, fiddling with the salt and pepper shakers on the table. “If you want to get some lead way with us all, you can join us for dinner tonight. It should be fun.”

Kim raised a brow, "What's this? An invite from Will Traveler? I thought you wanted to keep me away," she said, raising a brow and keeping her tone light as if sharing a little joke with a good friend.
Tyler Fog: . On the phone .buy_youanewlife on May 8th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
Gah. What was his father's deal? It's like lately he didn't let up on anything. Granted eight hundred dollars was pretty steep considering it'd all been spent in one place: a clothing store. And really, who needed to buy that much clothes at once? But still. It's not like he did this sort of thing every day. In fact, he'd been doing pretty good. And he would've continued to handle the self-budgeting thing remotely well if he hadn't been trying to do a favor for a friend. Whatta ya know. It blew up in his face. Now he had his father all over his case harping about how he couldn't continue to over-spend like this, or one day he'd find himself in a whole heap of debt.

His dad added insult to injury by accurately assuming that he'd blown a good portion of that on someone else - what his dad labeled as 'trying to buy his friends.' Yeah, yeah. Which was no way to live. He got it. Believe me, he got it already. Then again, his actions kinda contradicted that, so he could see where his father would be getting confused. "All right. I'm sorry, okay? It won't happen again." His voice was strained, and one hand had lifted to rub at his temples - a sign that he was frustrated - or annoyed. It was extremely hard to distinguish between the two.

But he had nothing else to say in his defense, and he knew even trying to argue his point wasn't going to do anything but draw this lecture out longer, so he did what he usually did: he caved. He told his father exactly what he wanted to hear. But here's the funny part. He wasn't just patronizing his dad. He was really going to try to do better. 'Cause even if they fought like cats and dogs, he wanted his to make his dad proud - not make him keel over before he hit sixty. And that was the bottom line. No matter how much he griped about his over-bearing parent, he always heard what he had to say, and he didn't just let what had been said fly in one ear and out the other. He really listened.

With the phone call finished, Tyler was free to return to Will and Kim who seemed to be managing to get along in his absence. But no need! Now he was back, sliding into his seat and offering up a fake smile ( which actually came out more like a smirk, but whatever ). "That wasn't so bad." Which was a total lie, but he wasn't going to complain about it - not today. He barely knew Kim, and he'd feel pretty awkward talking about his totally uncool dad and the burdens of being an only child - or the only child that had every second of his life monitored by Fog senior. But he wanted to say something, mainly for Will's sake - but partially for Kim's too. He wasn't sure what all Jay had told her.

"I know what you're thinking. Why do I put up with it? Sure, the guy drives me nuts. I mean, if he was so worried about what I'd do out on my own, he shouldn't have kic-" He cut himself off. Oops. Not supposed to go there. Um ... point. Where was he going with this? Oh yeah. "But he's my father. As much as I hate it when he's right, he usually is. He's been through a lot of stuff that's made him the way he is, but I know he's just looking out for me - trying to keep me out of trouble." And someone surely needed to, 'cause he had a real knack for finding it, even unintentionally. "He's really not that bad." There was a long pause as he let his gaze trail off to the side momentarily, as if he were pondering the statement. "Okay, well a lot of times he is, but hey, we're all flawed, right? I'd rather him care too much than not at all."
Tyler Fog: . Just chilling .buy_youanewlife on May 8th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
Okay! Now that that was said and done ... Surprised? Shouldn't be. Tyler Fog was never one to dwell on the serious side of life. But he didn't want Will and Kim thinking his father was a total monster, 'cause he wasn't. He puffed around breathing fire every now and then to make people recognize his power and authority, but other than that ... Tyler trusted him with his life. "So what'd I miss?" A look was exchanged between the two, before the waitress came by with their drinks and promised their food would be out in just few minutes. "Thanks gorgeous." Oh yeah. Caught her off-guard with the flattery - and the wink. But she didn't seem to mind it too much. Girls rarely did. He even thought he saw her blush a little before she walked off.

A sheepish smile was cast towards his companions. "What?" The word was sputtered innocently. As if he could help himself.
Will Travelerto_get_revenge on May 12th, 2008 03:34 am (UTC)
"What's this? An invite from Will Traveler? I thought you wanted to keep me away.”

Will narrowed his eyes and looked at Kim, a tiny smile playing on his lips. “I actually do like you Kim. Remember? I’m just offering you a chance to come in and get to know us better.” He scooted his chair away from the table causing it to scrub against the cemented ground. He slouched down a bit and crossed his arms over his chest. “You do want to get to know us right?” He asked pointedly. He left that question hanging and instead watched Tyler make his way over to them. He could tell, though Tyler hid it very well, that something was bothering him, but he wouldn’t ask with Kim around. Anyway, Tyler wouldn’t want to get into it right now and he didn’t want to pressure him to speak.

Instead he listened to Tyler tell them what he figured was a very watered down version of his chat with Fog Senior and smiling, gave Tyler a ‘hang in there’ look which was conveyed with a turn up of the side of his lips, a sideward lean of the head and slight shake of the head. He knew his message had been relayed when Tyler continued on a bit more relaxed.

Tyler could be very secretive if he wanted to be so he was completely thrown off guard by his next confession.

"I know what you're thinking. Why do I put up with it? Sure, the guy drives me nuts. I mean, if he was so worried about what I'd do out on my own, he shouldn't have kic-"

Will had been spinning a spoon between his fingers when Tyler made this less than charming slip of the tongue. The spoon went clattering to the table top, spinning off onto the ground in a clatter. He felt for his friend because that was not something Kim should be learning about in polite conversation, especially when the guy just spent eight hundred dollars on the woman. He was happy though that his clumsiness offered a moment for Tyler to rephrase his sentence and continue. He bent and picked up the spoon, discarding it inside a napkin which he pulled from the dispenser with a bit too much eagerness.

Eventually the waitress came and Will mentally died as Tyler flirted with the girl who, now that he looked at her, didn’t seem all that offended with his words.


“Nice,” Will said chuckling to himself. He grabbed for a straw to go with his drink and dipped it inside. He sipped his soda for a moment, his eyes dancing across Tyler’s face as he drank. When he’d had his fill of cola, he pulled away from the straw and swirled it around inside his glass. “So, I invited Kim over tonight. Thought she might want to get to know us a little better,” he said smiling at Tyler knowingly. Their inside joke didn’t need to be voiced. They both knew Jay would be a complete wreck with Kim around. Jay overreacted when Kim showed up, even if it was only for a few minutes. He could just imagine what he would do if she stayed for dinner. He was a neat freak and their house never seemed to be clean or ‘girl ready’ enough for him. This invitation should go over well. “Should be fun, right?” he said his eyes sparkling with mischief. It’d been a while since he and Tyler had a bit of fun at Jay’s expense. This opportunity couldn’t be passed up.

It was just too perfect.
flashofyourlife on May 13th, 2008 08:02 pm (UTC)
“You do want to get to know us right?”

It was true enough but somehow it just sounded...well it sounded like not the best idea or some reason. Not that she didn't trust the guys she just had a feeling she might end up on the bad end of this little invite. Well her or Jay at least. Or both. Will and Tyler would probably plot ways to embarrass Jay while she was there or something like that. Though she did have to hope that Tyler might have a bit of mercy or something like that after today. On the other hand..SHE had dragged HIM out so maybe it would be payback from him. Oh well.

Before she could respond however Tyler came back a smirk in place but sounded a bit put out. "That wasn't so bad." That normally meant something hadn't been that great so it was probably safe to assume it hadn't been a fun conversation for Tyler.

"I know what you're thinking. Why do I put up with it? Sure, the guy drives me nuts. I mean, if he was so worried about what I'd do out on my own, he shouldn't have kic-..." Tyler seemed to stop mid-sentance and simply trail off for a bit. She jumped when Will dropped his spoon noisily. She shook her head and looked at Tyler again. So he and his dad weren't exactly on the up and ups. That wasn't that uncommon. She knew plenty of people that didn't get along with their parents. She for one fought all the time with her dad...though it was mostly because he was too over protective. But from the sounds of this it seemed as if his dad had kicked him out. Oh. That was bad.

Tyler continued however.

But he's my father. As much as I hate it when he's right, he usually is. He's been through a lot of stuff that's made him the way he is, but I know he's just looking out for me - trying to keep me out of trouble. He's really not that bad."

"Okay, well a lot of times he is," Tyler started again and caused Kim to smile and let out a little laugh before he continued. "But hey, we're all flawed, right? I'd rather him care too much than not at all."

"I'd never really thought about it like that," she said, chin resting on her hand. She had her elbow propped up on the table. "Everyone is flawed in someway. Maybe you're dad just has a flawed way of showing how he cares. But at least he does care enough to try and keep you out of trouble or heck I guess even yelling is a form of caring," she said, leaning back in her own chair as the waitress came over again.

She rolled her eyes slightly as Tyler started to flirt with her and simply shook her head when Will congratulated him on it.

"So, I invited Kim over tonight. Thought she might want to get to know us a little better. Should be fun, right?”

"Fun? Should I be a bit uneasy about tonight and try and back out?" she half joked.
Tyler Fog: . More than meets the eye .buy_youanewlife on May 14th, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
He'd caught Will's reassuring nod, and he appreciated it greatly - only silently. Truth be told, he depended heavily on having the guys in his corner. Something he'd never had was that guarantee that he had someone on his side. Until now, that person had always been his father. Aside from all the grief, his dad was the one person he knew he could count on. Now he had Will and Jay. It was different, mainly because they didn't drive him up the wall or criticize him as frequently or as mercilessly as Carlton Fog, but it was just as important to him. And while he didn't verbally acknowledge the support, he cast a quick smile Will's way to show that he had caught it. But he definitely wasn't going to act like he was the least bit bothered in front of Kim.

Then came the spoon dropping fiasco, which conveniently coincided with his slip of the tongue. Saved by the clang. It gave him the perfect opportunity to revise what he was saying and cover his blunder. They were actually a pretty good team. He had the money ( as limited as it was at the moment ) and the power ( or so he thought ), and Will had the quick reflexes and a brain that could spin a story in a millisecond. The guy always seemed to be one step ahead. So aside from being kind of a dork, that was cool about him.

Kim, on the other hand, seemed to be buying every word. And why wouldn't she? She didn't know him - not really. And if he had anything to say about it, she never would. No offense, but he wasn't too keen on the idea of opening up to just anyone. He had a real problem with that, but what guy didn't? Even Jay didn't over-share, and he was pretty much as sensitive as you could get for a guy.

After she commented on his 'we're all flawed' remark, he interrupted. Obviously, he'd been unclear. "Everyone, except me." Did he actually believe he was without flaws? No. But he wanted everyone else to believe that. "It's gotta be hard ... having a perfect son. To reach and reach yet never be able to quite achieve that level of perfection. He might have money, but I have a lot more." Oh yes. It was safe to say that his unique sense of humor kicked into overdrive every time he got off the phone with his father. He wanted people to think that he didn't care, 'cause it wasn't cool to care about what your parents thought. Seriously, then you were just a wimp, always getting led around by the nose and never taking a stand. And that wasn't Tyler. It wasn't in his nature to fold when he could keep playing. But when it came to the old man, the rules were more complicated. Finding that balance was tricky, but nothing he couldn't handle. They'd just hit a few rough patches, is all. It'd pass. You know, maybe by the time he graduated.

Okay, so neither of them forgave or forgot easily.

When Will announced that he'd invited Kim over to their place for a night of getting acquainted ( get your mind out of the gutter - all of them would be present, her boyfriend included, and they would be on their 'best' behavior - cough - yeah right ), he couldn't help but allow a small smirk to form. "Really?" Gaze shifted from Will to Kim. "It would most definitely be fun. You have to come." His words were somewhat cryptically spoken, and he didn't say much else about it. What he did try was to read her expression to see what she thought of the idea. It would be fun ... for him and Will. For Jay and Kim? Jay especially - not so much. Not that they were that bad. After all, they wouldn't want Jay refusing to speak to them for the next month or so.

Then she went right ahead and voiced her concern, to which he quickly replied ... "You can't back out. We wouldn't hear of it. Besides, you owe me. And I say you're coming." That came out sounding like a demand, which he didn't like. So he'd slip his bottom lip out in a mock pout and add, "Please?"
Will Traveler: Will black and whiteto_get_revenge on May 16th, 2008 09:27 pm (UTC)
"It's gotta be hard ... having a perfect son. To reach and reach yet never be able to quite achieve that level of perfection. He might have money, but I have a lot more."

Will kneaded his brows and smirked. "Oh, so that's his problem," he said as if it just dawned on him. "You may want to tone it down a notch then," Will joked. "We can't have the old man blowing a gasket now can we." He bent and took another sip of his cola swirling the ice around with his straw. He knew the stuff wasn't very nutritious and that he should have gotten water, but hell, he was a 'college student' he had to splurge every now and then if he wanted to look normal and a guy his age drinking water, no matter how healthy it was, would look pretty odd.

Eventually their food came when Tyler practically ordered Kim to come to their house. Will glanced up at the new male waiter who looked buff, testosterone abundant and a bit dimwitted. His face was scrunched up in an 'I'm going to beat your ass' glare and if the way he looked at Tyler was any clue, he could tell he wasn't pleased with Tyler hitting on his...girlfriend? He wasn't sure, but the guy was staring at Tyler a bit too long and hard, his forehead clinched in a unghastly scowl. The guy even slammed Tyler's plate onto the table, rocking his drink dangerously. Thankfully it didn't spill or he would be breaking up a fight instead of simply gawking at the burly beast who, though he had already delivered their food, still lingered near their table with his fist clenched.

"You been talking to my girl?" He growled, his teeth bared and his ten inch biceps flexed.

Will glanced at Tyler both horrified at the turn of events and a bit amused cause this same thing seemed to happen on a regular basis. Tyler would hit on some innocent, coy female and her boyfriend would appear out of hell knows where trying to start a fight. Will dragged his gaze from Tyler and his assailant to the cop he'd spotted earlier. Hopefully the guy would catch wind of the fight about to break out right in front of him and stop it before it got out of hand. If not he'd have to step up, be a friend, and either take the guy down with Tyler's help or get the shit beat out of him in the process.

"How about you calm down?" Will spoke up looking the guy square in the eyes. The man turned and tried to stare him down but he wasn't scared. Not in the least. He could handle his own in a fight if he had to, though he didn't think he wanted to display his abilities with his friend so close. That would surly lead to some unwanted questions that he didn't feel like explaining. Not today anyway. He already had too much on his plate at the moment.

"How about you fucking mind your own business?" The guy narrowed his eyes and turned back to Tyler. "I asked you a damn question," he hissed again. Will cut his eyes to Tyler and gave him an 'I'm with ya no matter what you choose to do' look. Friends stuck with friends. Bottom line.
Tyler Fog: . Seriously? .buy_youanewlife on May 16th, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
"My old man? Nah. He's a pretty intense person, but he never breaks under pressure." And from some of the stories his dad had told him, as vague as they were, he'd managed to hold his chin high through some very difficult times. It was all a part of who he was: the Carlton Fog package, complete with a somewhat cold or icy demeanor, unsurpassable determination, and the ability to come out on top, no matter what the circumstances were. It was kinda cool, actually. Sure, it might've meant a few extra lectures for him, but he was a good role model. How many kids could stand up and say they were actually proud of their fathers? His dad had accomplished a lot in his lifetime - things that some would say were impossible. He knew what he was doing, and he did it well - a trait he hoped to instill in Tyler. All he could do was live it up until it came time to dedicate himself to the 'more important side of life.' It's not that he had no sense of purpose or prospects for the future; it's just that he loved having fun way too much.

Fun that occasionally got him into trouble - like now, for instance. Here he was just sitting around with a couple of friends minding his own business, and some wahoo had to come up to him and start something. Because of one little nickname and a wink? Come on. Sexual harassment had supposedly become a serious problem, but that was child's play. Surely no one could get offended over that. Except for Rambo, here. Obviously, his wallflower of a girlfriend had skittishly gone off to get their orders and spilled the slightly uncomfortable moment to her significant other - who took it upon himself to 'deal' with Tyler. At least he'd brought their food ... It was presented a little less gracefully than was expected from hired help, but whatever. As long as it was there, he could ignore all the glaring and rude service. The guy just better not expect a tip.

... Which is what Tyler had been planning to do. In fact, he dived right in and took a gigantic bite out of his burger, stuffing a few fries in his mouth shortly after, before the guy started in with the accusations. A cocked brow was his initial response ( considering he had his mouth full of food, and therefore wouldn't be saying anything until he'd chewed and swallowed - followed by a big gulp of his drink to wash it down ). "Uh ..." Why did this always happen to him? Oh yeah, because he never bothered to survey the scene properly or do any digging to find out whether the girl was 'taken' or not. But he didn't see a ring on her finger, and she hadn't seemed to mind that much, if they wanted to be really honest here. By this time, Will had spoken up - trying to squash the fight before it began, which was a good idea ... but it seemed as if the guy wasn't going for it. Ah well, nice try. "Thanks buddy, I got it."

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't see your name on her." His tone was heavily laced with sarcasm. Sure his 'defense' might've been a little high school-esque, but this was Tyler - what'd anyone expect? "I actually didn't hear any complaints from her. Not even a dissatisfied look. Obviously you're the only one with a problem." All right, so he wasn't one to back down - even if the guy was twice as big as he was ... or somewhat close to that. "So really, you're getting all worked up over nothing, and it's only going to end badly for you. Not only are you going to make a fool out of yourself in front of 'your girl' ..." Air quotes were used around the last two words. "But I don't think your boss is going to be too happy about you picking a fight with a customer - disturbing everyone else in the process. It's bad for business. Business being something I know a little about. And speaking of which, my father is a very important man. I could make one phone call and see to it that no one around here will hire you you after your current boss fires you for public display of bad conduct, so I suggest you go cool down. Because if you throw the first punch, I'll claim that you just came up to me and started swinging."
Tyler Fog: . Suspicious .buy_youanewlife on May 16th, 2008 11:07 pm (UTC)
Ordinarily, he would be on-board with fighting. Jay was usually the one who objected and stepped in to prevent it. But right now, all he wanted to do was eat - in peace. He didn't consider that too much to ask. So the sooner he got rid of this joker, the better. But he wasn't about to whimper an apology either or go shuffling away with his tail between his legs. "Might I suggest anger management? 'Cause I hear that's pretty effective." Eye contact was made and held with his opponent to show that he wasn't afraid, although a quick glance had been cast to Kim who of course was growing uneasy at this point. Will, on the other hand, was used to it and seemed as calm as ever. Good ole' Will.
flashofyourlife on May 19th, 2008 02:33 am (UTC)
"You can't back out. We wouldn't hear of it. Besides, you owe me. And I say you're coming." Before Kim could point out that it sounded like he was commanding her and make some witty retort Tyler added, "Please?"

She held up her hands in defeat. "Alright fine fine I'll go. Just as long as Jay is picked on more than me. Because I know there will at least be some teasing in this exciting little get together."

Kim was actually fine with coming to hang out for dinner...as long as she wasn't stuck alone with them for too long. She was pretty sure she had been alone with Tyler for enough time today and with Will for even less but also enough time. Not that she couldn't stand the guys or anything but she thought she'd done enough of an improvement from normal for the day.

A different server wandered over and gave them their food though the guys seemed a bit pissed from what Kim could tell. 'Wonder who's stolen his favorite stuffed animal,' she thought jokingly to herself. The guy looked like a bit of an idiot. She raised a brow slightly when he slammed Tyler's plate down. Attitude problem on the guy, that was for sure.

All hopes of a hopefully peaceful meal were squashed however when the guys didn't leave. "You been talking to my girl?" the guy asked Tyler. Oh great. Kim rolled her eyes a bit and took a sip of her water before carefully putting the glass down and leaning back in her chair to watch. This was going to get interesting. She'd seen Tyler get into a bit of a spot at a party or two but normally Jay was there to try and break it up. It would be interesting to see what Tyler and also Will would do this time.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't see your name on her." Kim had to cover her mouth to not laugh out loud. 'Nice one Tyler,' she thought to herself. Well at least it was until Tyler went on and on and started using 'air quotes'.

Not only did Kim never really expect to see Tyler Fog use air quotes but she also didn't think he would have run his mouth of this far....then again...the second part maybe she did believe...after all it was</> Tyler here. She was a bit worried about the really slow looking behemoth that was bringing up a fight against Tyler.

"Might I suggest anger management? 'Cause I hear that's pretty effective."

"Or yoga. Yoga's always a good thing to help with anger," she put in, picking up her glass to take another sip. Maybe the guy would back off if he realized it might be three to one, not that Kim would actually throw a punch or anything, and that he'd probably lose his job in a manner of nanoseconds if he kept it up. Tyler would have plenty of witnesses for his side of the argument.
Will Travelerto_get_revenge on May 23rd, 2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
OOC: Guys, I'm sorry I haven't updated. I'm going through some family problems at the moment and I'm hardly ever at home. If you want you can go ahead with this fight and get everyone to the castle. I'll try to update as soon as I can.

flashofyourlife on May 26th, 2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
OOC- Alright update whenever you can, there's no rush. I hope everything resolves itself or gets better! Let me know if you want to talk or there's anything I can do to help.

Tyler Fogbuy_youanewlife on May 28th, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
OOC: It's perfectly alright. I hope everything works itself out! Or maybe even that it already has. This got posted awhile back. Sorry I haven't responded sooner! Just a heads up: I'm going out of town Friday, and I won't be back till the following Wednesday. So I'll be MIA for a few days. Maybe then everything will be calm on the homefront for you, and we can resume the scene. If you need anything, just let me know! Although it looks like our wonderful Kim already covered that sentiment.
flashofyourlife on June 10th, 2008 06:58 pm (UTC)
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Tyler Fogbuy_youanewlife on June 10th, 2008 11:49 pm (UTC)
OOC: I'm back! Which I guess is pretty obvious ( seeing as how I'm posting this ). I had some AOL problems to straighten out before everything was back in tolerable working condition, so that's why it's taken me so long to announce my return. Seems to be catching! Screwy AOL/AIM, that is. Hope the problem is fixable and resolves itself soon! Although if worse came to worse, we can always communicate this way. As far as continuing goes, uh, yeah. Leaving that one up to you guys, although I'm game for whenever.
Will Traveler: Will black coatto_get_revenge on June 18th, 2008 05:18 am (UTC)
Okay, so I'm back if you guys want to continue the rp. I started a post for Will yet I never finished it. Would it be too much to ask for us to move ahead to The Castle instead of lingering at the Pavilion? If so, I'll try to write up a short post for Will to finish this off. Feel free to email me at savvyravenclaw20@yahoo.com I check that often so I'll see it before I check the email I used for this account. Let me know and I'll churn out a post for you guys. XD
Will Traveler: Will yellow bgto_get_revenge on June 18th, 2008 05:48 am (UTC)
I'm starting a new post for us in the community. XD Sorry it has taken ages for me to update.
flashofyourlife on June 18th, 2008 07:22 am (UTC)
sounds awesome. I'm off to reply to your new thread. I'll add your e-mail since AIM isn't working so you'll probably get a few until AIM is fixed.